Unique Hotel Experience

What can be a better addition to your Scandinavia experience than staying at a one-of-a-kind property? This northern part of Europe boasts unique accommodation options found nowhere else in the world!

For instance, in Sweden's Lapland Region or in Norway's Kirkiness (set above the Arctic Circle) there are entire hotels made completely out of ice and snow which are rebuilt every year; guests may choose to stay in warm rooms or to spend the night in special thermal sleeping bags in the themed cold rooms with everything from walls to beds made of snow and ice.

One more unusual place in Sweden is a stylish designer hotel complex with oddly shaped cube rooms and cabins built high upon trees amid rich untouched forests and wilderness, providing the opportunity to unite with nature.

What is more, the extraordinary resorts set in the Finnish Lapland cannot be left unmentioned, as here you can actually live in modern heated igloos with glass roofs which are perfect for observing Northern Lights or the stars right from your bed.

*Note, that the images in the gallery are only examples of the accommodation options.