Mongolian Yurt

There is no better way to truly explore the rich Mongolian heritage than spending a night in an authentic Mongolian yurt. Traditionally they were used by the nomads who were always on the move, looking for a better pasture for their livestock. Mongolian yurts look like a cylindrical tent, built out of wooden lattice base, covered with the animal skins or felt, although nowadays you can find yurts made out of the modern materials such as canvas or tarpaulin.

In Mongolia, these structures are called "ger", meaning home in Mongolian. Inside they are very cozy, one yurt is supposed to house a whole family and provide everything they need for a living. In the middle of the yurt's dome, you can find a circular hole, letting the sunlight in and allowing to use a heart. Yurts are brilliant for Mongolian climate, known for its rapid change of temperatures. During the winter months, they offer shelter from the cold and wind and in summer can protect from the hot Mongolian sun. In the gallery, you can see several examples of what the traditional Mongolian gers look like and make sure that they are able to offer everything you need for a comfortable stay.