Terms and Conditions of working with us

1. Agent commissions: eligibility requirements

Agent commission is 10%, and provided to certified travel professionals. Agent commission is available for all of our tour programs. Minimum number of bookings required to earn commission is 4 travelers per travel year. Travel year is the year when customers travel. Bookings cannot be carried over from one travel year to another. Commission is paid after clients travel, usually within 30 days after the trip. US based travel agents must provide 1099 forms in order to receive commission.

2. Agent responsibilities before client

Agents must provide their clients with our actual itinerary prepared by us to ensure that clients understand services that are being provided. White label itineraries are available, which allow agents to feature own branding and contact details on itineraries. By booking our programs agents confirm that they have reviewed the itinerary and confirm the reservation as per itinerary.

3. Shared responsibilities before client

Final confirmations are sent to agents no sooner then 28 days before the trip, when final 3rd step of our quality control protocol is finished by assigned logistics specialist. Confirmations are sent in electronic format to agent's email. Agents are responsible for all communication with customers before the trip. We are responsible for communicating with agents during the trip.

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