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Where to travel in Morocco?

Those who plan to travel to Morocco are often concerned about what time of the year to go there and which cities and regions to include to their travel itinerary. So, to help make the vacation planning process easier, we have put together easy tips and some Morocco-related advice, answering the most frequently asked questions regarding travel to this region.

Month in Review: June

Welcome to Summer! We are excited to share our first summery Month in Review post, and by now we expect you to know the gist. If not, let us quickly recap the process. We start with top destinations that travelers are exploring as you read this post, then we continue to see what were the most booked tours over the course of last month. In addition, we count how many itineraries our destination specialists sent out to clients and review the updates from our Product Development team, finishing the post with a quick glance at the blog section and top reviews. So let's dive in the Firebird news from June!

FIFA World Cup 2018 | The Rush in Russia

The most anticipated sport event of the year took its grandiose start and now all eyes are on Russia, which is hosting the FIFA World Cup for the first time in its history. Tours to Russia are in top demand as football fans from all over the world have gathered in the host country to support their national teams and take part in the epic celebration. Now let’s have a sneak peek at the whole crazy football rush that captured cities throughout the country.

A Sneak Peak of MS Rostropovich | Cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg

Discovering Russia during a cruise is one adventure to remember, as apart from time spent on land, touring the two Russian capitals and their main landmarks, each day of the cruise part is full of fun activities and sightseeing during stops in ports of call. In this piece, we go “behind the scenes” of the 12-day cruise on board the 5-star ship, MS Rostropovich.

Month in Review: May

It's the last day of Spring, so as everyone else is doing their last preparation works for summer, we would also like to jump on the bandwagon and take care of one last thing - evaluate how May compares to previous months. So, welcome back to our monthly segment on the Firebird blog - Month in Review - where we count how many itineraries we crafted, analyze which destinations were among our travelers' favorites, share updates from the blog and see what our travelers had to say during the month of May!

Unusual Hotel Experience You Will Want For Your Trip

Are you one of the few percents of travelers who crave something more on their trip to Europe? There is one simple way to enhance any traveling experience and it is by choosing an amazing hotel. A hotel that would be not only home from home, but the one that you would love to talk to your friends and family about. Yes, these hotels exist and Scandinavia is home to many. So. today we would like to show you what you could spice your tour to Northern Europe with.


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