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Unusual Hotel Experience You Will Want For Your Trip

Are you one of the few percents of travelers who crave something more on their trip to Europe? There is one simple way to enhance any traveling experience and it is by choosing an amazing hotel. A hotel that would be not only home from home, but the one that you would love to talk to your friends and family about. Yes, these hotels exist and Scandinavia is home to many. So. today we would like to show you what you could spice your tour to Northern Europe with.

Month in Review: April

It's our fourth "Month in Review" post, and we can't wait to share what we have been up to the last month. Getting closer to summer the weather degree bars rose, and so did the number of travelers who want to go on remarkable journeys to Europe. Making each day here, at Firebird Tours, special.

Best Time to Visit Benelux

Who doesn't want to find themselves among the blossom of Dutch tulip fields? Or experience the authentic European Christmas with snow, ice-skating, and mulled wine somewhere in Brussels? Or maybe relax on the beach of the North Sea watching the ships sailing across to England? Of course, Benelux countries have a lot to offer regardless of the season, so let's find out what your options are when you travel to the Netherlands or Belgium depending on the season.

Top 10 Spookiest Places in Europe

Having thousands of years of history behind its back, Europe has something to offer even to the most seasoned traveler. This time we are reviewing some of its spookiest corners to spice up your next tour to Europe. Read about stirring places in rainy Scotland, swim across la Manche channel and find out what is spooky about the capital of France, travel south and learn about hair-raising places in sunny Italy and Portugal then end your thrilling adventure with stories from Austria and Lithuania.

Can't decide between Krakow and Warsaw?

Of course, you could easily find enough to see and do in both, Krakow and Warsaw, but how to choose if you only have few days to enjoy Poland? Warsaw is a bigger city, often a top destination for museums, art galleries, shopping, unique architecture and traditional Polish cuisine. While Krakow is more compact and famous for its medieval castles, monuments, and UNESCO World Heritage Sights. Read about these astonishing, yet very different Polish capitals, and decide which one should be included in your tour to Poland first!

Month in Review: March

Another month just passed and we can't believe we are hitting the middle of spring on Sunday already. The first month of the blossoming season has ended and we are excited to share the review and see which destinations our travelers loved this month, how many itineraries our destination specialists have designed, what blog posts were most loved by our audience, and more. So let's find out what this month was like and how it compares to the to the previous one!


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