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Month in Review: February

Goodbye February, hello March! The time just flies when you do what you love, which in our case is organizing unforgettable journeys for adventure-seekers all around the world. So, let's look how many travel bucket lists we helped to tick off and which destinations were amongst the top for our travelers this month:

Best time to travel to Russia. Is it winter?

Traveling to Russia is always a trip to remember. But choosing a specific season can sometimes be a real challenge as each time of the year will show you a different side of Russia.We want you to find the perfect time to travel and to do so you should first learn more about what you can see and do during each of the seasons in Russia and pick the time depending on your preferences.

Best Northern Lights Experience: Glass Igloos and Snow Hotels

Can you imagine how magical it is to witness the dancing light show of nature called Aurora Borealis somewhere above the Arctic Circle in the comfort of a glass igloo? In this article we have put together handy advice for those wondering when is the best time and place to see Northern Lights and how to make this experience so unforgettable that you’ll remember it for the rest of your life!

Planning in advance: pros and cons

Is it better to plan your trip in advance or jump into this process last minute? Well, everyone is different and there is no universal answer to this question, or is there? We’ve been arranging small group and private tours in Europe for over 10 years now and do have some insider information to share that might be useful for you to implement into your decision-making process. Our travel specialist Kate is helping us today to review the pros and cons of advance booking for your next vacation.

When to Go to Europe: Peak Season vs Off-Season

Europe is a year-round travel destination, and because we are a little bit obsessed with traveling, we believe that anytime is the best time to visit it! Even so, the most pleasant time for traveling in Europe starts from May to July and continues throughout September. So does this mean you have to skip fall and winter? Read our guide to learn what time is best for your vacation.

What to Taste on Your Tour to Russia

National cuisine, especially its signature dishes, can often tell the story of the country as well as the historic museums and other landmarks. Even so, delicious flavors can quickly become closely associated with the name of the place like spicy pizza in Italy, fresh croissants in France, fish and chips in the UK, and burgers in the U.S.A. Which dish pops into your head when you hear the name - Russia?


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