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The Enchanting Sami People

A couple of hundred miles above the Arctic Circle in the chilly northern European regions live the Sami people, who are among the world’s oldest living cultures. Most Sami are reindeer herders and are renown for being hospitable and friendly to outsiders. This is why more and more people going on Northern Lights tours visit them to learn about their preserved traditional lifestyle and to see their reindeer.

Italy off the beaten path

Rome, Venice, Milan, Pisa, and Florence are without a doubt some of the most admirable cities in the world, attracting millions of tourists from all around the world. Yet there's so much more to Italy than that, with petite cities and historic treasures to discover just about around any corner. Here's an overview of the less-traveled parts of Italy and 5 off the beaten path regions which would definitely add some spice to your fabulous vacation in Italy.

Italy Wine Guide

Wine-drinking is an intrinsic part of Italy’s culture and this is why the country boasts a total of 20 wine regions. No tour to Italy could possibly be complete without an Italian wine experience. So whether you’re visiting Venice, Milan, Rome or Sicily towns, you’ll definitely come across a chance to taste Italian wines. We’ve put together a guide on everything you need to know about Italian wines, broken down by the most visited cities in Italy.

Should you book a Northern Lights tour in advance?

It's paradoxical, yet travelers who plan their Northern Lights trips way ahead of time and those travelers who take off on such journeys spontaneously both have more or less equal chances to witness the famous Northern Lights. And this is the painful truth. You can plan your tour as early as a couple of years in advance, use the services of best tour operators and still fail to see the beautiful lights illuminating the winter sky, while others might be lucky to witness Aurora Borealis on their first attempt without actually putting much effort into planning. So why book your Northern Lights tour in advance?

Inspired by Russia. Real's Client's Poem from a Russian Cruise

Russia is inspiring indeed: insightful architecture and history that can take you breath away, vast expanses of stunning tranquil nature and culture so rich that can awaken your creative side. It is a great honor for us to share a soul-stirring poem about Russia written by our talented traveler, Denise Lariviere, who recently visited Russia on one of our Russian river cruises on the Volga.


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