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Registered as an iconic UNESCO World Heritage site for its awe-inspiring sceneries and charming chateaux, picturesque Loire Valley is a live representation of French elegance.

As a prestigious wine district, this destination is home to some of the best world vineyards where talented winemakers will gladly demonstrate to you how the magic of flavors works. Taste numerous kinds of Loire wines, enjoy the stroll around the endless vineyards, and attend fascinating wine events to go deep into this culture!

Did you know that Val de Loire in France houses the longest wine route in the country? There are more than 7000 producers in the valley, so selecting only a few vineyards to include into your unforgettable Loire winery tour can become a real challenge even for experienced gourmets. But one thing is certain, no matter which chateau you decide to visit first, the impressive diversity of locally produced wines and their variety of flavors won’t leave anyone indifferent. To introduce you to the wondrous wine world, below, we compiled a list of the best wineries to visit in the Loire Valley, useful information about the tastiest wines and offered activities to spice up your France travel!

1. Chateau de Miniere

Our rating list of the best Loire Valley wineries starts with the historic Chateau de Miniere. The Miniere Team will do everything to provide its guests with a complete wine experience. Being noted for its modern interpretation of the traditional approach, this place is open for vineyard tours, tastings, and longing. At Chateau de Miniere, you can taste a varied range of wines with great aging from 10 to 100 years! What is more, apart from classic fruit and full-bodied wines, you can enjoy certified organic wines made from natural products. The team believes that using healthy soil not only good for the ecology but also can improve the quality and flavor of this delicate beverage.

Chateau de Miniere

Wine Selection at Chateau de Miniere:

  • Bulles rouge de Miniere
  • Vignes Centenaires de Miniere
  • The Emperor's New Clothes
  • Jus de raisin de Miniere
  • Rose de Miniere
  • Bulles rose de Minière
  • Chateau de Miniere

2. Maison Bredif

Founded at the end of the 19th century by Ernest Bredif, Maison Bredif is the Vouvray Appellation's oldest family-owned winery. Inside the maze of cellars, you can find very rare wines: some bottles even date back to 1874! This cozy chateau is famous for various wines. Still, the main stars of the collection are the Classic Vouvray, the Nectar, and Vigne Blanche named after the self-titled vines and private property of the Maison that is responsible for the production of delicious dry white wine. In addition to revealing the secrets of winemaking, you get to explore the mystical troglodyte cellars during your tour.

Maison Bredif

3. Bouvet Ladubay

The lineup of the best wineries in the Loire Valley won’t be complete without mentioning the Saumur region’s legendary producer of fine sparkling wines, Bouvet Ladubay. Over the past decades, Bouvet Ladubay wines have received hundreds of medals and awards confirming the stability of local wine’s excellence. But it’s not everything that this fabulous winery has to offer. Shockingly, all wine lovers can observe 8 kilometers (5 miles) of cellars on a vintage bike! Sounds like a memorable experience, right? Furthermore, don’t miss a chance to stop by the “underground cathedral” and check out an ensemble of 35 sculptures stored in the galleries.

Bouvet Ladubay Cellars

Eager to spice up your trip?
At Bouvet Ladubay, all guests can explore the wine cellars on a vintage bike!

4. Le Domaine des Vallettes

Covering the area of 26 hectares (or 64 acres in equivalent), Le Domain des Valettes is a family-owned estate with a long history of its development. Eight generations passed the winemaking traditions from father to son, improving the technology of creating a unique flavor over the centuries. Today welcoming guests from all over the world, brothers Antoine and Francois offer all adventurers a fantastic opportunity to sample various kinds of the famous grape beverage, featuring mouth-watering Cabernet Franc.

Le Domaine des Valettes

5. Chateau Soucherie

Alluring Chateau Soucherie was created at the end of the 19th century and back then belonged to Duke of Brisaac’s family. Nowadays, it deservingly stands in a row of the top wineries in the Loire Valley to visit. Famous for its ecological philosophy and respect for nature, Chateau Soucherie focuses on producing wines with minimal human intervention. Even though the harvest is done only manually, this winery annually produces around 100 000 bottles! Besides standard tour and wine tasting, travelers can make a special request and celebrate your visit with a meal prepared by a professional chef.

Chateau Soucherie

Wine Selection at Chateau Soucherie:

  • Anjou Rouge
  • Savennieres Clos des Perrieres
  • Anjou Blanc Cuvée Les Rangs de Longue
  • Coteaux du Layon Vieilles Vignes
  • Rosé de Loire
  • Anjou Rouge Village Champs Aux Loups
  • N.V. Crémant de Loire Rosé

6. Domaine Sauvete

Practicing the manufacturing of natural organic wines, Domaine Sauvete is a part of the large Touraine appellation. Winery’s remarkable success is a result of the hard work done consistently by four generations. The main passion of the owners perfectly shows in their delicate approach to the winemaking process and attention to detail. Discover the rich spectrum of red, white, rose, and sparkling wines and learn more about the art of creating an ideal balance of flavors. Another perk of choosing this winery as an extension to your France sightseeing itinerary is that you can easily arrange a day trip to the Domaine as it can be reached from Paris just in 2,5 hours.

Domaine Sauvete

7. Domaine Coirier

Beneficially set in the sun-kissed part of the country, Domaine Coirier can’t be missed during your France Loire Valley wine tour. The mix of its soil, mainly clay and sand, enriches the bouquets of Domaine Coirier with outstanding elegance and incomparable lightness. This winery definitely has something for everyone: Pinot Noir is ane wonderful serve to juicy meats, the Chenin and Chardonnay with their pure fruit aftertaste would perfectly go with seafood, while Gamay and Cabernet discrete a flavor of wild strawberries, making them a great addition to freshly chopped summer salads.

Domaine Coirier

TIP: After a taste test common comments about the wine are: erupts with stewed strawberries, fresh plum, boysenberry, leather, dried herbs, and a hint of blood orange.

8. Chateau des Vaults

Chateau des Vaults, one of the most luxurious Loire Valley vineyards, is picturesquely nestled right in the Savennieres hills' heart. This destination is popular not only among gourmets but also enthusiasts as Chateau de Vaults often serves as a setting for literature evenings, concerts, and exhibitions. Find out more about this organic estate's incredible biodiversity and highlight your tour with the degustation of Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc. If you travel together with kids, little guests of the winery will be treated with the locally produced grape juice to make this visit enjoyable for the whole family!

Chateau des Vaults

TIP: While planning your visit, check out the Chateau des Vaults event schedule and have a wonderful time enjoying a modern art exhibition or a romantic literature evening.

9. Domaine Henri Bourgeois

Have an amazing opportunity to appreciate the incredibly extensive range of high-class wines at Domaine Henri Bourgeois. 10 generation of skilled winemakers devoted their lives to the mastering of the wine craft. The winery's trademark is its Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, which will satisfy all your senses with their unique expression. Delve into the eventful history of "Familie Bourgeois" and unveil even the Sancerre flavors' petite nuances.

Domaine Henri Bourgeois

10. Chateau of Brissac

The seven-story Chateau of Brissac is the tallest one in the entire region that explains its majestic title of "the Giant of the Loire Valley." No wonder that this palace boasts sumptuous interiors: Chateau of Brissac used to be a medieval fortress founded by the counts of Anjou. Take in the landscaped park's beauty, let yourself get mesmerized by the panoramic views, and see lush green gardens in full bloom while sipping the delightful Anjou Rose wine.

Chateau of Brissac

As you probably noticed, we can speak about the top Loire vineyards forever, but nothing is better that experience the unmatched charm of this place on your own. Feel inspired to pay a visit to the worldwide known “Garden of France” or even go beyond? Check out our collection of France wine tasting tours, created by professional Firebird travel specialists, and make your dream itinerary come to live!

What is Château de Brissac?
The Chateau of Brissac was built in 11th century and later rebuilt in the 15th century by Pierre de Brézé. After that, the Chateau was purchased by René de Cossé, first lord of Brissac, and ever since has been the tallest castle in France.