10 Reasons to Visit Switzerland


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Picking a country to go to on your upcoming European trip is a tough challenge that requires weighing out pros and cons, which can often lead to more questions than answers. This blog post will help clarify things for you by providing 10 reasons that distinguish Switzerland from other European countries.

Hopefully, by the end of the reading, you will grow a newfound interest in this exceptional country and pick from a list of Switzerland tours the one that aligns with your vision!

1. Hiking Experience Unlike Any Other

There are two reasons why the hiking industry is so prominent in Switzerland. Firstly, it’s the Alpine countryside, which deserves its own spot on the list. The endless array of hiking trails offer a sheer number of eye-captivating landscapes that can be found all throughout Switzerland, no matter where you look. Grand snowcapped Alp mountains, lush spreads of dense pine tree forests, calm rivers that mimic the sky in their hue, all create a scenery right out of a kid’s dream.

Secondly, the majority of the hiking trails are well maintained, especially those that lay their path in close proximity to the marvelous Alps. If you are unsure of how to start off your list of things to do in Switzerland, then we suggest that you get to know the flora and fauna of the country that peacefully lives there by going for a hike!


2. World-Renowned Cuisine

Besides cheese and milk chocolate, which Switzerland makes the best of the best of, the traditional cuisine will surprise you, not only with the ingredients of the dishes but also with a spectacular presentation of them on a plate. The foods can be described as descendants of Canton’s French, Italian, and Germanic dishes with a unique twist, which is most commonly achieved through adding home recipe spices, naturally aged ingredients, and a frequent contrast between sweet and light-bitterness that adds to the exquisite flavors. If you take interest in culinary arts or want to try new delicacies, then Switzerland has you covered, anywhere from casual cafes to Michelin star restaurants.


3. Photographer’s dream

As mentioned earlier, Switzerland is acknowledged as one of the most scenic places in all of Europe, and the reason for that is not just because of the Alp mountains, crystal clear waterways, or the fields of greenery. It is all of that combined that gives Switzerland’s landscapes its unparalleled charm. Exploring activities in Switzerland can go hand in hand with your love for photography, or can help to awaken it upon seeing the Lone Peak, which is one of the most spectacular sights in Switzerland


4. Grindelwald Village - Fairytale Land on Earth

Many travelers to Switzerland find themselves discovering Grindelwald Village only after they’ve returned from their trip. Don’t let this happen to you! This iconic place would be a great reason why visit Switzerland for the second time. Imagine a village from a fairytale, surrounded by a forest of all shades of green and the Bernese Alps that cover the village from the Northside. When the winter rolls around and the village is covered by a light dusting of snow, it obtains a new beautiful setting, which can be seen in some of the Star Wars and James Bond films. If the accommodations aren’t already fully booked, then you can even stay there to experience the magic of the village firsthand.


5. Watches and More Watches

Ever heard the expression “works like a Swiss watch”? Well, there is a very good reason for that! The exquisite craftsmanship with which the watches are made, top quality materials such as titanium, 18 karat gold, sapphire crystals, and sapphire glass, backed up by the philosophy of continuous refinement, is what makes Switzerland watch manufacturing unique. All of the famous luxury watch name brands come from Switzerland, such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Audemars Piguet, and Cartier, which can’t be discounted as a coincidence. If you are a horologist, or can simply appreciate the handmade craftsmanship of Swiss watch factories, then go on a tour to one of many Watch Museums all throughout Switzerland and learn all the intricate details about the process and perhaps acquire one for yourself!


6. Swiss Art Galleries

Art in Switzerland is treated with the utmost respect and is cherished, as it is a mirror into the past through which ancestors’ lives and culture can be understood. Although Switzerland lacks in the quantity of its own art, it makes up for in a broad range of museums with collections of art from every corner of Europe, each specializing in a particular time period, be it contemporary, modern, or abstract. As for Swiss art, a lot of it revolves around folk art: poetry, wood carvings, embroidery, and music which involves the yodel, a type of singing with rapid alternation between high falsetto and low chest notes.


Museums in Switzerland to consider:

  • St. Gallen’s Internationally Renowned Textile Museum
  • Bad RagARTz
  • Luzern's Swiss Museum of Transport
  • Art Basel

7. Self-Proclaimed Country of Cheese

Switzerland is by far the most known country for the variety, quality, and quantity of cheeses it produces. The Swiss dairy industry is one of the most sustainable types of agricultural production and greatly impacts the economic growth of the country. By producing an estimated 189,000 tonnes of cheese annually, the companies are relied upon by the local government to sustain the production volumes and increase it, which in turn creates jobs and secures work and income for many occupational groups. Besides that, there are 475 different varieties of cheeses! Alone, these are delicious, but when they are a part of Swiss dishes, the flavors will blow your mind. Most common is fondue, which is a cheese sauce that you dip bread, meats, and even fruits into. Raclette, which entails heating cheese and scraping off the melted part on top of any other foods of your liking, or even eat by itself; it’s that delicious!


8. The Person Who Made Milk Chocolate

Daniel Peter. That is the name that all of us sweet-tooths must know and express words of gratitude to. In 1875, after 7 years and thousands of hours of tireless work, he developed the milk chocolate we all know and love today. The formula differentiated milk chocolate from its competitors by having a distinctly smooth and creamy flavor and texture that couldn’t be found elsewhere. Today, Switzerland continues to take pride in its ethically produced milk chocolate and has many specialty shops that sell arguably the world’s best milk chocolate.


9. Country of Cultural Diversity

Switzerland can be viewed as a country that is split into smaller regions, where each region lives its own lifestyle. Each canton within the country has differing traditions, customs, and even dialects, which makes the country intriguing and never boring to explore. Rich historical associations that have been engraved into a particular canton in Switzerland make the country divided culturally, meaning that some parts of Switzerland will be totally different from others. The differences can be noticed in minor details from sign forms and street structures to the aforementioned dialect change, so make sure to keep a translator handy at all times; you never know who you may encounter!


10. Train Rides Like Nowhere Else

With the countless number of scenic views that are out in the open, it is improbable that you will have time to visit all of them on your first trip to Switzerland. Or is it? Switzerland’s brilliant public transportation facility has cable cars and trains that run through the most astonishing parts of the country that could not be accessible by foot. So take a scenic train ride that runs in between two mountains and get a glimpse at nature from a new angle. Use the opportunity to delve into photography or take a photo on your phone. It’s worth a story post for sure! All the trains, just like Swiss watches, are incredibly punctual and arrive precisely on time, so planning your journey around the country by train is going to be not only a spectacular adventure, but one where you will always be on time.


Switzerland is a country that must be visited by all travelers at least once in their lifetime. Just like other European countries, it has its own distinct charm. The combination of amazing weather, eye-captivating scenery of the Alps, and small but nice things like the best cheeses, chocolates, and watches together are what makes Switzerland and its people so intriguing. Planning a Trip to Switzerland by deciding which city to go to is your next step, so be on the search for the city that will highlight one of the reasons that you felt most excited about and enjoy your European trip with Firebird Tours!