The 6 Best Places to Spend Christmas in Europe


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The festive season is upon us, so what else is missing from your annual December shopping list? Why not give the best present next holiday season and treat your loved ones (and yourself) to the joy of spending Christmas day in Europe with our hassle-free tours to the best destinations.

To make your decision easier, in this post, we review our top 6 European cities that have the brightest fairy lights, the comfiest wooly socks, and the tastiest mulled wine during the festive season. Discover the best places to spend Christmas in Europe!


First on our list, the city that needs no introduction, London. The always charming capital of the UK will spoil you with a choice of excellent Christmas activities this season. However, as everywhere else in the UK, London likes traditions too, with one of the best Christmas traditions being the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, which opens its doors from the middle of November for ten years in a row now.


Even the Grinch'iest people find it hard to resist the Christmas spirit in Hyde Park with a long list of festive activities available, including ice-skating to live music or watching The Imperial Ice Stars performing "Cinderella on Ice" or visiting the Magical Ice Kingdom. But if you prefer watching other people queueing for mulled wine or enjoy seeing the panoramic views of London, you can do it from 60 m above during a flight with the Giant Observation Wheel.

But keep in mind that not only does London boast a magical Christmas atmosphere during these holidays, but also other fabulous cities. Hence, to make the most out of the holidays in The United Kindom, take a London to Edinburgh train.

Christmas attractions in London:

  • See Hogwarts in the Snow
  • Gawp at the Christmas Lights
  • See Santa in Leicester Square
  • Visit Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park
  • Admire the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree


The second stunning destination on your Christmas map should be Paris. Many travelers imagine Paris to be grim, dark, and cold during this magical time of the year, but Parisians love all things about the holidays just as much as Germans, who invented the Christmas markets back in 1990.


So if you're in Paris during the festive season, you will not only witness the Eiffel Tower majestic lights but the whole city sparkle with the annual elegant light display, adorned over 130 streets, department stores, and historical sites. And if you are looking to stay in Paris during the holidays, then attending Notre Dame Cathedral on Christmas Eve is a must for a spiritually uplifting evening with an inspirational midnight choir.


After two major capitals of Europe, we invite you to wander through a smaller yet equally charming place during the Christmas season, Netherlands' capital - Amsterdam. The magnificent city of tulips, canals, and bicycle lovers will surprise you with its enthusiasm for Christmas. The locals do not forget their way of living just because it's that time of the year, so be aware of cyclists when walking or even better - join the crowd! Embracing the bicycle way of traveling could be the perfect way to experience Christmas in Amsterdam.


During your wheeled city tour, you will see the unique light festival, which offers a contemporary approach to a traditional Christmas scene in the city. Each year, a new lighting installation technique is implemented, making it a memorable and different experience. By the way, if cycling is not for you, you can still enjoy the spectacular city lights and Christmas spirit from a local perspective - a boat ride along the canals of the capital.

Christmas attractions in Amsterdam:

  • Go on an Ice Skating
  • Explore Christmas Markets
  • Enjoy Canal Cruise During the Light Festival
  • Experience Chirstmas Carols in Dutch Churches
  • Admire the World's Biggest Swan Lake Ballet


If you haven't been to Vienna, there is no better time to visit the magical City of Music than during Christmas. Be prepared to experience the holidays the entirely traditional European way with a visit to one of many Christmas markets, a sip of Weihnachtspunch, and a handful of roast chestnut.


The capital of Austria is famous for many cultural reasons, but the preservation of Christmas market traditions should be on the top of the list. Visiting the market is often described as a heartwarming experience of spending time with good company and a mug of something warm in front of the fireplace. Except you're not sitting at home, but wandering the streets under the fairy lights, drinking Austrian Christmas punch, taking a bite of delicious Bratwurst sausage in the stunning city of Vienna.


Another city in the heart of Europe that takes its Christmas traditions seriously is the capital of the Czech Republic, mysterious Prague. There is always something to see or do, so pack your warmest winter coat and get ready to experience Christmas the Prague way.


It's worth visiting the city early in December, on the 5th, to be exact. That day Czechs celebrate St. Nicholas Eve (also called Mikulas), in which St. Nick gives treats to children who have been good this year (rings a bell, doesn't it?). The annual event usually takes place in the Old Town Square and some other areas of the capital. You can expect to see performances from actors dressed as angels and devils and the St. Mikulas in white clothing, rather than the red costume worn by Santa Claus.

However, if seeing the Czech alternative of Santa Claus is not on top of your priorities, then visiting one of the best Christmas markets in Europe should be! Take in the beauty of stunningly lit Old Town Square and enjoy the buzzing holidays' atmosphere.

Christmas attractions in Prague:

  • Take a Lovely River Cruise
  • Indulge in a Festive Food
  • See the Lamp Lighting at Charles Bridge
  • Experience the World-Class Opera & Ballet
  • Visit the Old Town Square Christmas Markets


Our last recommendation for top Christmas vacation destinations is nothing short of magnificent - the city of Budapest. The capital welcomes travelers from around the world with the festive market and Advent Feast by the breathtaking Basilica of Budapest.


Stay assured - ticking off your gift shopping list will be an easy task with a wide selection of handmade quality Hungarian goodies sold in the market. Also, being hungry in the capital of Hungary is close to impossible, with excellent street food choices from traditional langos to gourmet burgers available on every corner.

After an evening of productive shopping and eating, we suggest putting skates on and doing a couple of swirls underneath sparkly lights on the ice rink in front of the Basilica - the perfect ending to your perfect Christmas vacation in Europe.

Eager to unite both fairytale Prague and majestic Budapest in one itinerary? Then you should know that there is a direct Prague to Budapest train interlinking these wonderful destinations daily!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top Christmas vacation destinations in Europe and felt inspired to experience the magical atmosphere during the festive season! Visit festive markets in Vienna, Prague, and Budapest during our 10-day private tour "Treasures of Eastern Capitals."