ATMs in Italy

ATMs in Italy

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Having local currency on hand is always a good idea while traveling abroad, and Italy is no exception. In case you need to withdraw some money in Italy, ATMs, called Bancomats, can be found almost on every block in big cities and on the main squares in smaller towns.

Usually, they are clearly marked with the blue Bancomat sign, so you won't come across any difficulties in finding one.

The procedure of money withdrawal is pretty standard. Once inserting your card, you’ll be able to switch the language to English so using ATMs in Italy is quite easy and convenient.


However, be aware of some fees you may be charged for withdrawing the money which depend on the type of your card or your bank. In order to avoid unpleasant situations and additional costs, you'd better consult your bank prior to your Italian vacation.

Using the ATM abroad
Bear in mind that additional fees might apply for using ATMs abroad.