Best 9 Days Italy Itinerary | Venice, Florence, Rome

Best 9 Days Italy Itinerary | Venice, Florence, Rome

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Are you looking for ideas on how you could spend nine days in Italy? Well, we got you covered. Based on our most popular program - Cultural Capitals, we will talk you through the pan for discovering Italy in just a week and a half. Let’s dive right into the agenda for 9 days in Italy:

Day 1 - Arrival in Venice

Welcome to Italy! After flying all day, we recommend taking it easy on the first day after checking in to your hotel. You can take a walk around the city, grab a bite to eat, and prepare for a busy day ahead.

Italy Canal Gondola Ride

Day 2 - Tour of Venice

The second day is when the fun begins. We would recommend getting a tour guide or booking a whole 9 tour to Italy altogether.

Italy Tour - Venice St. Mark's Square

But if you want to do it yourself, let us share the best things to do in Venice today:

  • Visit St. Mark's Basilica & witness the astonishing Pala D'Oro altar.
  • Go up to Loggia dei Cavalli & enjoy the best panoramic views of St. Mark's Square.
  • Take a tour of the Doges Palace & explore its lushly decorated chambers.
  • Treat yourself to a gondola ride and sway under the Bridge of Sighs.
  • Enjoy a local delicacy for dinner - like Risotto Nero (black risotto) or Sarde in Saor (sardine marinated in vinegar)

We hope you had fun! Now it’s time to get back to your hotel and get ready to explore Florence tomorrow.

Day 3 - Free time + Transfer to Florence

You have a morning free to continue exploring the city before your Venice to Florence train departs in the afternoon. If you need some ideas on what to see in Venice today, we would advise you to visit the colorful Murano and Burano islands. Book yourself a boat trip and head to the most picturesque nearby towns.

Murano and Burano during a trip to Italy

However, if you were looking for a more cultural program, we recommend checking the Peggy Guggenheim Collection - a modern art museum set on the Grand Canal.

Don’t miss your train in the afternoon. We will see you in Florence!

Day 4 - Tour of Florence

Welcome to another cultural gem in Italy, also known as the cradle of art - Florence. Here is our recommendation for things to do in Florence on this day:

Italy itinerary - day in Florence

  • Book yourself a tour to Piazza del Duomo with a visit to the Baptistery dedicated to St. John the Baptist
  • Visit the main square of the city, called Piazza della Signoria.
  • Stroll around the historical center and see its landmarks like Piazza della Repubblica and the Strozzi Palace
  • Explore one of the most beautiful streets of the city, famous for its fine shops the Tornabuoni street
  • Make your way to the Oltrarno district and discover numerous local craftsmen shops as well as the charming Santo Spirito Church and Convent.
  • Tour the Galleria dell'Accademia to see Michelangelo's famous colossal statue of David

After all of that sightseeing, you definitely deserve a nice Italian dinner and an evening at rest.

Day 5 - Free time in Florence

If you think you saw it all in Florence yesterday, we challenge you to spend another day discovering something new about this magnificent city. If you would ask us what to do today, we say spend the day exploring the Uffizi Gallery, or gorgeous the Pitti Palace.

Tuscany Day Trip

There is also an option to use this day for tripping outside of the route and witnessing Tuscany's real beauty first-hand. Two optional day trips ahead of you:

  • Tuscany Wine Trail
  • Day Trip to Pisa & Lucca

Get rested before your trip to the capital of Italy. It’s going to be a fun day. To make your experience more exciting read more about top 10 things to do in Florence.

Day 6 - From Florence to Rome

Your Italy itinerary is coming to an end. Hence, after a 1,5-hour train ride from Florence make the most of your time in Rome and start exploring local sights.

Trevi Fountain, Italy tour

Make your way to the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, the famous Fountain of the Four Rivers.

Day 7 - Ancient Rome tour

Your second day in Rome is here. Let's make it count by exploring the ancient side of the city.

Colosseum in Rome

Here's our usual list of things to do in Rome:

  • Visit the iconic Roman Forum
  • Explore the temple of Caesar and the Arch of Septimius Severus
  • Make your way to the adjacent Palatine Hill
  • End your day with Rome's hallmark site - the Colosseum.

Day 8 - Vatican Day

Let's end your tour with a high note, we invite you to tour the world's smallest independent state - Vatican.

Vatican City, during Italy tour

Just keep in mind that there's a special dress code in the Vatican - no uncovered knees or shoulders and no backpacks. Once you're dressed appropriately, book yourself a tour to the most popular Vatican's attractions:

  • The private apartments of Julius II,
  • Pinecone Courtyard,
  • Gallery of the Maps,
  • Gallery of the Tapestries,
  • Gallery of Candelabra,
  • the Sistine Chapel, where you can admire Michelangelo's famous frescoes
  • St. Peter’s Basilica, where you can see a stunning Pieta
  • St. Peter’s Square, where you can witness Michelangelo's Dome and the stunning Bernini's colonnades

Day 9 - Departure / Extension to Amalfi or Naples

Your 9-day itinerary to Italy came to an end. Now it's your time to make a decision - do you wish to continue exploring Italy? If you do, we recommend adding an extension to your trip with a few days in Naples or Amalfi Coast.

Departure day from Italy

Otherwise, have a pleasant journey home!

We hope you've enjoyed our recommendation for 9 days in Italy. However, if you feel like it's going to be too much work to arrange a trip like that, we can assist you. Browse our private and small group tours to Italy and travel stress-free.

If you need more ideas on how to spend 9 days in Italy, check our collections of tours.