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Central Europe is indeed a cradle of places to discover, boasting centuries-old towns and quarters, well-preserved buildings, generations of well-kept traditions — be it cultural celebrations or secrets of mouth-watering local cuisine. In this article, we'd like to introduce you to destinations that are highlights of Germany tours.

Top Attractions in Germany

What pops in your mind when you think of Germany? Something related to Oktoberfest, huh? People in traditional costumes dancing, drinking delicious Bavarian beer sided with yummy German treats. Well, in case that's the way you picture Germany, in part, you’re more than right as it certainly is a fun destination to travel to.

Apart from the plethora of entertaining festivals held in the country annually, as well as the incomparable gastronomy and fine beverages, thousands of people put this country on their wishlist for the castles. Fairy-tale, historical, UNESCO-listed, well-preserved — there are approximately 20,000 castles in Germany. Yes, that's right, there are more than twenty thousand of them, and they are absolutely ready to stun you!

Without a doubt, the number one place to put down on your Germany trip plans is the marvelous Neuschwanstein Castle. Although it has an antique exterior, this Romanesque beauty is only about 150 years old. The palace was built by the order of the Bavarian ruler Ludwig II and is one of the most magical places to visit in Germany (the most popular German castle among tourists today too). Because of its hilltop location in the untouched nature of Bavaria coupled with its gorgeous architecture, Neuschwanstein is believed to have inspired the design of the Walt Disney castle.

Must-visit German Landmarks

  • The Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Berlin Wall Memorial
  • Romantic Road
  • Cologne Cathedral

Cities in Germany not to Miss

Okay, now let's be fair, in the entire list of Germany cities, big and small, there's something unique and interesting that you can find for yourself. Specifically in this post, we've narrowed it down to the "must-visits" we believe every traveler should see when going to this country and which deserve to be part of your Germany tour itinerary.

Berlin, Germany

Of course, the capital of Germany is worthy of exploring. The city is home to many secrets, especially those, connected to WWII and the city's split into two parts by the Berlin Wall. So if you're interested in history, save a couple of days for Berlin as you’ll be surprised by the number of sights and unique activities it offers, for example visiting a real WWII bunker.

Berlin City in Germany

The nearby town of Potsdam makes a perfect day-trip from Berlin and allures not only with its charming old town but also with its luscious Sanssouci Palace and surrounding parks.

Munich, Germany

Big fan of BMW? Pay a visit to Munich, which is home to the museum of this world-famous car brand. There are dozens of other museums in the city, including the Deutsches Museum of technology, and art galleries in Konigsplatz.

Munich City in Germany

The Bavarian capital has much to show, starting with the main city square called Marienplatz to the Cathedral Church of Our Lady, dominating the skyline. For some palatial beauty, the Nymphenburg Palace near Munich is a true match.

Stuttgart, Germany

Continuing the automobile topic, it cannot be left unmentioned that Porsche and Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts should visit the Stuttgart headquarters-museums. Moreover, Stuttgart's castles and old town are great points for sightseeing.

Stuttgart City in Germany

Cologne, Germany

The enormous Cologne Cathedral, towering above the city, as well as the wavy Hohenzollern Bridge crossing the Rhine River paint the image of Cologne. Gorgeous both during the day and at night, the city is proud of its UNESCO-listed Dom cathedral, beautiful historic heart, Altstadt, and tasty Kölsch beer.

Cologne City in Germany

Nuremberg, Germany

For a taste of true cobblestone Europe, Nuremberg is a great destination. This petite ancient city has incredible medieval architecture, including the famed Nuremberg Castle and Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady) which is more than 500 years old, and many typical timber houses.

Nuremberg City in Germany

Heidelberg, Germany

Ask anyone who has been to Heidelberg, this town is truly magical. The city has a scenic location on Neckar River and has plenty of landmarks to inspire you.

Heidelberg City in Germany

As such, the old pedestrian bridge leading to the town gates (a symbol of the city) and the remarkable old town will win over your heart. Of course, the Heidelberg Castle, dating back to the 16th century, is a marvel. Looking down at the city, this building can be reached by a funicular which opens excellent views.

Sharing Germany Vacation Ideas

If you think that your getaway to Europe shouldn’t only revolve around Germany, adding on a country or two to your plans is a great idea. As such, the combination of a Germany and France tour or one mixing Germany, Switzerland, and Austria are among the most favored options. It basically depends on your preferences, wants, and imagination, but we can surely guarantee that it is possible to build a multi-country private tour you’ve been dreaming of without the need to come down with money!

Summing up, a trip to Germany is for sure an exciting experience to remember. The country is a great destination to travel to any time of the year, offering something special in each season. Are you ready to start planning your own getaway to Germany?