Best Beaches in Greece

Best Beaches in Greece

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What does the perfect getaway look like for you? Most people would say that they want an exotic location with lush vegetation, amazing views, and beaches. If you are one of them, then we have great news! Greece is a beautiful country with lots of scenic views and endless beaches.

Its coastline is one of the most beautiful in the world and it’s no surprise that many travelers flock to experience it firsthand. But which beaches should you visit? Where are they? What will you find there when you arrive? Don’t worry, in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best Greece beaches, which will give you a fabulous vacation!

1. Balos Beach, Crete

At the confluence of the two Ionian bays - the Aegean and Libyan Seas - lies Balos Beach, one of the most visited beaches on the island of Crete. Located 50 kilometers from the resort of Chania, this picturesque natural Greek gem has become the center of attraction for travelers from all over the world. The amazing lagoon is famous for the brightest shades of aquamarine emerald waters and snow-white sand. So plan your perfect trip to Greece and prepare to enjoy the crystal transparency of the azure bays!


2. Anthony Quinn Bay, Rhodes

On the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, just 15 km from the city of Rhodes, lies a beautiful bay that offers a perfect balance of relaxation and exploration. Anthony Quinn Bay is the most picturesque place for a beach holiday! Thanks to the clear, calm water, the rocky bottom relief, and the surrounding rocks, Anthony Quinn Bay is ideal for snorkeling and diving lovers. This beautiful world of underwater life begins right from the shore!

Anthony Quinn Bay
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3. Porto Katsiki, Lefkada

Porto Katsiki Beach is the real pride of Lefkada, one of the best and well-groomed beaches, not only in Greece but throughout all of Europe. Every year, this place of amazing beauty ranks high in various ratings, and with enviable regularity, receives awards as the best European and Greek beach. Photographs of Porto Katsiki have long been a trademark of Lefkada travel guides. Its incredibly picturesque coast, framed by massive limestone cliffs, most often appears on the cover. Thanks to the pebbles, the sea in this place is characterized by transparency and extraordinary beauty and varies depending on the time of day. Impressive white cliffs, the upper part of which is covered with dense vegetation, give Porto Katsiki Beach a unique charm.

Porto Katsiki

4. Sarakiniko Beach, Milos

In the northeastern section of Milos, one of the most incredible beaches in the world emerged due to volcanic activity that occurred millions of years ago mixed with erosion from winds and seawater. Sarakiniko Beach is known for its snow-white mountains and volcanic rocks, which form a small bay with a crystal clear view of the Aegean Sea. The coast is often compared to the surface of the moon, which is why Sarakiniko is sometimes called Lunar Bay.

Sarakiniko Beach

5. Agios Gordios, Corfu

Not far from the capital of Corfu, Kerkyra, is the beautiful beach of Agios Gordios. The long coast of the Adriatic Sea is famous for its enchanting landscapes. This beautiful area is perfect for relaxing and exploring. Here you'll find golden sand beaches lined with tall trees that provide plenty of shade on hot days. What is more, the area is framed by impressive rock formations with sharp peaks, emerald pine forests, and majestic hills rolling with lush vegetation. Along the beach, which is 200 meters wide, there are hotels, shops, bars, and restaurants, so you always have the opportunity to enjoy some of the best traditional Greek food!

Agios Gordios

6. Red Beach, Santorini

Magnificent Santorini, included in many Greece tours, is known not only for white houses, churches with blue domes, and beautiful sunsets, but also the famous Red Beach - one of the most unusual beaches. This picturesque place is conveniently located in the southwest of the island, very close to the archaeological site of Akrotiri and just 12 km from Fira. This unique beach with its exotic rocks, red sand, and almost Martian landscapes will definitely leave an indelible impression!

Red Beach

7. Perea Beach, Thessaloniki

Beaches in the vicinity of Thessaloniki attract tourists with their soft sand, shades from light to dark orange, and clear turquoise waters. Getting here is very easy, for example, you can just take one of the Greece trains from Athens and enjoy the magnificent scenery right from your window! Perea beach offers excellent conditions both for lovers of a relaxing beach holiday and for those who like different types of water activities. In addition, from the shore you can see a magnificent panorama of the city and the Bay of Thermaikos!

Perea Beach

As you can see, there are a lot of incredible beaches in Greece, where you can spend your vacation. These destinations offer sun-kissed sand and pristine waters to help any traveler relax during their getaway. Whatever your preference is, here you will definitely find the beach of your dreams! So don’t waste your time and prepare now for an exotic vacation; Greece is waiting for you!