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Apart from lovely cities, Norway boasts lots of inspiring destinations, providing spectacular photo opportunities and chances to get more of wild Norwegian expanses.

Best Places to Visit During your Norway Vacation

Norwegian Islands

Not afraid of cold and spending much time on the fresh air? If the answer is yes, you’ll get inspired by visiting one of the beloved touristic places, Lofoten Islands, situated above the Arctic Circle. The archipelago allures visitors by its unspoiled charms of pristine landscapes and Viking spirit.

Another great location for adventurous wild nature explorers is Svalbard. It’s true that you can hardly find a better place to witness dazzling glaciers, ice-covered mountain peaks and the Northern Lights.

Lofoten Islands

Fun Fact
Shockingly, with a coastline of 83 000 kilometers (51573 miles), Norway boasts more than 50 000 islands in total!

Gorgeous Glacier

Still feeling not enough of freezing but immensely beautiful locations, you are welcome to head to the famous glacier set just between roaring waterfalls and sharp peaks, the Briksdal Glacier. No doubts that an extensive hiking stroll around landscapes like that won’t leave you indifferent.

Briksdal Glacier

Where the Trolls Live

The relief of Norway mostly consists of supernatural mountains and rugged cliffs and probably the most known is scenic Trolltunga, towering 1100 meters (3609 feet) above the sea level and remaining an astounding place for taking memorable postcards. We bet you would love to have one, right?

Trolltunga, Norway

The best time of the year to enjoy hiking legenady Trolltunga is from June to September. This season is always in high demand, so make sure to plan your trip in advance!

The Premiere National Park

If you don’t plan to get so much to the north, you can visit Jotunheimen, Norway’s premier national park. Sometimes called the Home of the Giants, the park houses several mountain ranges with the 29 highest peaks of the country. Majestic icy summits and breathtaking hights reflect the true spirit of freedom that you’ll be able to feel from your head to the fingertips.

Jotunheimen, Norway

Majestic Norwegian Fjords

However, the most popular places in demand remain unchanged. It’s all about fjords that have become a true hallmark of Norway. These natural wonders enchant with the calmness and majesty so any Norwegian tour. isn’t complete without a lovely cruise on the Sognefjord or the Geirangerfjord.

Norwegian Fjords

Must-See Fjords in Norway:

  • The Sognefjord
  • The Hardangerfjord
  • The Aurlandsfjord
  • The Geirangerfjord
  • The Nordfjord
  • The Trollfjord
  • The Romsdalsfjord