Best Places To Visit in England Other Than London


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There are numerous things to do in London, but every traveler knows that England is much more than the capital. There are plenty of awe-inspiring places to visit in England from spectacular coastlines to historical old towns and local sights. Ready to look beyond the capital?

1. York

York is the city with Roman roots and Viking past, once called Jorvik, today it is one of the most picturesque towns in England. Like stepping back to the Middle Ages, the walled city has something impressive around every corner. If you get a chance to visit York, use it properly! Walk through the narrow alleys, shop at lovely boutiques, pop in cozy cafes for an afternoon tea, and witness many other attractions.

York Minister, England

Without a question, you should visit the must-see highlights of the city, including the 13th - century Gothic cathedral, York Minster, as well as the best-known National Railway Museum that boasts plenty of artifacts and authentic locomotives. Did you know that the city was voted the best place to live in the United Kingdom by the Sunday Times? Sounds like it is worth visiting, doesn’t it?

Top Attraction in York, England:

  • York Minster;
  • National Railway Museum;
  • Clifford's Tower;
  • Shambles Street.

2. Oxford

Worldwide known for its one of the oldest universities in Europe, Oxford is full of places waiting to be discovered. The city has grown up with plenty of well-known great people that shaped it into the town of art, science, history, and inspiration. Thanks to knowledgeable people, many museums were established in the city including the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of the History of Science, and the must-see Ashmolean Museum. No need to mention, visiting the University of Oxford is the top thing to do in England. Explore the beating heart of the town and uncover exciting secrets.

Beautiful Oxford Town in England

The old city dates back to the 12th-century, and today is still full of vivid youth that keeps Oxford vibrant. Did you know that Oxford houses one of the oldest pubs in the entire United Kingdom? Some of these pubs date back to the 13th-century, imagine spending your evening there: authentic interior, the atmosphere that brings you many centuries back, and wide options of drinks. Undoubtedly, this experience is worth including to your list of England attractions.

Did you know?
Oxford is home to the oldest pub in England! It was established back in the 13th century.

3. Bath

If you are wondering what is the most beautiful city in England, we can’t give you one right answer, but we are sure that Bath would make it to the shortlist. Did you know that Bath is the only place in the United Kingdom to have the whole city included in the UNESCO Heritage Site? Indeed, it deserves that! The town was named after famous Roman baths that were discovered over 2,000 years ago. Numerous people worldwide come to experience relaxing thermal baths, so do not hesitate to treat yourself with one of those too, because that’s a must-do.

Beautiful Oxford Town in England

Bath is not only about relaxing activities but also about historical architecture. Well-known for its golden stone buildings, Bath nestles the extraordinary Royal Crescent - an impressive row of 30 terraced houses built in the 18th-century Georgian architecture style. That’s not everything! While in the town, pop into the historical Bath Abbey, which dates back to the 7th-century. Are you ready to fall in love with a spectacular culture and healing experiences there?

TIP: If you are interested in the famous Roman baths, you need to pre-book your tickets. To save money, consider planning your visit during a weekday.

4. The Cotswolds

For the English village fans, we suggest not to miss a chance to visit the Cotswolds. This area is spotted with plenty of authentic villages that perfectly reflect the old English village life and tranquility. Definitely, the top-visit town in this region is its capital, Cirencester pronounced as Siren-sester. Not the crowded city will make every visitor happy; the cozy colorful streets are full of charming boutiques and cafes, plus, there is the stunning Church of St John the Baptist. Another lovely town is Tetbury, with its royal backing; it is a place of the home base of Prince Charles! Why not go there and explore the streets lined with old houses and shops?

Beautiful Oxford Town in England

While making a list of must-see places in England, don't forget to add Chipping Campden. Indeed, this small town might look not worth visiting from the first sight, but those who adore well-preserved towns will appreciate this chance. It is notable for its 17th-century market hall and elegant High Street. And if you would like to make your travel list even more diverse, consider including one of the busiest villages in Cotswolds, called Broadway. The vivid hub is a famous getaway destination because it provides everything you need for a beautiful holiday: scenic street, charming antique shops, and welcoming restaurants. We won't lie, choosing charming villages to visit in the Cotswolds can be a real challenge. Because there are so many and all of them are unique! Hence, start exploring the four majestic ones and you won’t be disappointed.

Top Villages in the Cotswolds, England:

  • Blockley;
  • Lower Slaughter;
  • Kingham;
  • Mickleton;
  • Bibury;
  • Bourton-on-the-Water;
  • Bredon;
  • Ashton-under-Hill;
  • Naunton;
  • Castle Combe.

5. Lake District

The second England destination for village enthusiasts is the Lake District region known for its picturesque landscapes. Eager explorers will be pleasantly surprised to discover lakes and green valleys spotted with the charming towns. These towns boast ancient cobblestone streets, astonishing medieval churches, and magnificent marketplaces waiting to be uncovered. Get lost in the narrow streets of Ambleside village, lined with old farm buildings, Victorian stone houses, pubs, and tea rooms. While you’re there, don’t forget to visit the St. Mary’s church, built in the Gothic Revival style. In addition to this lovely town, take a look at Hawkshead village that houses dozens of historical buildings. Find out what’s unique about the grammar school of poet William Wordsworth and impressive works in the Beatrix Potter Gallery.

Beautiful Oxford Town in England

Unquestionably, visiting two towns is not enough to feel the real atmosphere of the Lake District. Immerse yourself to the beauty of Keswick, the inspiration source for numerous artists. Like an excellent location of a picturesque lakeside wouldn’t be enough, this town is also situated between Skiddaw and Derwentwater mountains. Why not explore museums, galleries, and pubs surrounded by romantic views? If you still feel thirsty for more adventure, continue your journey to Grasmere, as the poet Wordsworth described “the loveliest spot that man had ever found.” Indeed, the beautiful village is one of the most-visited in the region. With its magnificent scenery and meticulously preserved cottages, it attracts travelers from around the world.

All in all, choosing the places to visit besides London can be challenging, but it’s definitely a good idea that lets you explore the most beautiful cities in England. Other historical ancient towns and villages give you a taste of the real country life and its customs. But if you wish to add more destinations or have questions do not hesitate to contact our travel experts who will be delighted to help create your itinerary!

Did you know?
The popular Sticky Toffee Pudding dessert was invented in this region. Make sure to try it once you're here!