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Boasting exceptional sights, mild climate, and rich history, Italy attracts more and more visitors from all over the world every year. This country is one of the most diverse and awe-inspiring destinations in the world, and this statement is unlikely to be challenged.

The administrative division of Italy is composed of 20 regions, each one so unique and charming, that it's difficult to make up one’s mind on what region to visit first. And probably you'll need to travel to Italy at least several times to see it all!

Northern Italy

If you dream to get the best of the Italian classics, head to the Europeanized urban north. This part of Italy is the place where you can successfully combine skiing in the world famous Valle d'Aosta and exploring the fantastic nature of Lake Como and Garda or the gorgeous Cinque Terre villages with top-class shopping in Milan and experiencing the melancholic charms and canals of Venice. In addition to that, if you look at an Italy train map, you can see that Northern Italy boasts an extensive rail network, ensuring easy access to visitor attractions and cities all over the region.

Northern Italy is the best destination to immerse into the unparalleled art of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, to discover the unmatched Roman heritage of the Eternal City and to take a chance to see the official residence of the Roman Catholic Pope, the Apostolic Palace in Vatican.

Moreover, Italy is a country with very ancient winemaking traditions that can be found in such Northern regions as Piedmont and Tuscany. Charming Piedmont, located at the foot of the Alps, is one of the largest wine regions in the country and the motherland of such famous wines as Gattinara, Barolo and Barbaresco. As for Tuscany, apart from picturesque landscapes with hills and valleys covered with vineyards, the region also provides an opportunity to see the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Florence, Turin, Genoa, Milan, Venice, and, of course, the majestic Italian capital, Rome - it’s just a short least of cities worth paying a visit in the Italian north. If you want more detailed information on where to head in Northern Italy, check out our blog post Northern Italy vs Southern Italy | Part 1.

Take a virtual look around the capital and check whether you can resist the urge to include Rome to your Italy travel plan:

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Things to include in your Northern Italy tour:

  • Taking a gondola ride in Venice;
  • Soaking up the beauty of Cinque Terre;
  • Shopping in Milan;
  • Embarking on a boat tour in Lake Como;
  • Eating pasta in Bologna;
  • Exploring authentic heritage in Turin;
  • Walking the city walls of Genoa;
  • Witnessing the love of Romeo and Juliet in Verona.

Southern Italy

Recently, more and more tourists have started to avoid choosing the noisy and populous Italian cities in favor of the remote, but no less interesting southern regions. Southern Italy is simply perfect for relaxation on top-rated resorts coupled with exciting excursions to historical places and tastings of local specialties.

This part of Italy simply allures holiday-seekers with the gorgeous Amalfi Coast with its tiny colorful cities of Portofino and Sorrento and perfect blues of the sea. Lovely Campania with the capital in Naples, the birthplace of pizza and magnificent masquerades, and the ancient stone walls of legendary Matera are all worth visiting in the south too.


One more highlight of the southern part of Italy are the sun-kissed Mediterranean isles of Sicily and Sardinia. The highest volcano in Europe, the hometown of Archimedes, the ancient Valley of Temples, and the charming streets of the Sicilian capital of Palermo are the main reasons why travelers head to the spectacular isle of Sicily. Sardinia, for its part, can please everyone with its outstanding beaches, white sails of elegant yachts and magnificent mountain landscapes.

If you dream to experience the charms and hospitality of the sunny south, get more information about the most appetizing destinations of the region, reading the article on Northern Italy vs Southern Italy | Part 2.

Things to include in your Southern Italy tour:

  • Wandering the old town of Bari;
  • Sampling mouth-watering pizza in Naples;
  • Marveling at the Cathedral in Palermo;
  • Touring the exceptional sights of Capri;
  • Visiting the villages of Ischia;
  • Gazing at the postcard-like Amalfi Coast.