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London is a fabulous global city and one of the most popular European destinations. No wonder why millions of people are attracted to the modern metropolis. As English photographer David Bailey once said: “If you’re curious, London is an amazing place.”

Indeed, there’s a surprise around every corner! Not to mention the top sights in London such as Big Ben, Tower of London, or the London Eye that are instantly recognizable. Wondering what to do in the capital? We are here to answer this very question. Without any doubt, there is always something to see & do in London, continue reading to feed your curiosity!

1. London Eye

Gratefully standing in the heart of the capital, the London Eye is one of the city’s best-known symbols. Thousands of souvenirs with the image of a vast circle are spread across the world, and everyone easily recognizes the place where the Eye is nestled. At 443 feet high, it is currently the world’s fourth-tallest observation wheel.

London Eye

This site is a tourist beloved attraction because it provides an unforgettable experience of stunning 360-degree views of the most famous landmarks. Can you imagine being high enough to see up to 25 miles on a clear day? Don’t forget to take a picture because this moment is exceptional! Only up high you will realize how truly big London is.

Quick London Eye Facts

  • It was built in 1999;
  • It is 443ft (135m) tall;
  • There are 32 capsules in total;
  • There is no capsule no.13;
  • It is currently the fourth-largest Ferris wheel in the world;
  • It is the most popular paid tourist attraction in the UK.

2. Big Ben

Often appearing in movies and TV shows, Big Ben easily captures every visitor’s heart. Technically, the name of Big Ben was given to the gigantic bell inside the clock tower, and the tower was named after Elizabeth, in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. Standing at the Palace of Westminster, the 320 feet tower is another must-see London attraction.

Big Ben

Seeing one of the most enormous and iconic clock towers in the world for the first time will surely make you gasp. Big Ben itself is truly beautiful, but obviously, surroundings make it look even more magnificent. Many visitors like to enjoy the view at night because the tower is lit up, and with a river at its side, it’s an ideal setting for a romantic walk! To continue the romance, the London to Paris train provides a seamless journey, whisking travelers from the heart of London to the City of Lights in just a few hours.

3. The Tower of London

The Tower of London is the 900-year-old historic castle officially called Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London. The tower is something that you cannot miss while in the city. Included to the World Heritage site list, the castle is historically important for the entire world and keeps attracting millions of tourists every year.

The Tower of London

Throughout the tower’s history, it served as a political prison, a place of execution, an armory, and it was also used as a Royal residence. Despite the tower’s brutal reputation, it reveals a significant part of England’s history. Today the Tower of London is a great place to discover the priceless Crown Jewels and other treasures, a site where you can hear the bloody tales and legends and get surprised by a vast collection of authentic swords and armor.

4. Soho

London is famous for the widely known Soho district that is one of the most entertaining areas. No visit to the town will be complete without exploring narrow streets full of boutique shops, old-school pubs and bars, fabulous restaurants, and artistic West End shows.


The most efficient way to soak it all in is to walk through the streets before choosing an activity. Wondering what should you not miss there? While discovering the beautiful area, make your way to the legendary Denmark Street with plenty of iconic musical instrument shops. Then don’t forget to cross out of your bucket list one of the memorable West End shows. And after a great theatre or musical performance, sit back in a cozy restaurant and taste mouth-watering food.

5. Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens

For those who look for a tranquil atmosphere, the so-called lungs of the city - Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens are one of the best attractions in London. In one of the city’s largest parks, travelers can hide from the noisy traffic and crowds.

Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens

You can go paddle-boating, take a breath of fresh air, or be a silent observer of the numerous snow-white swans. Make sure to really take your time strolling around the park and get to know the historical significance of the location, which has an intriguing combination of the old and new eras.

Hyde Park has hosted plenty of demonstrations, protests, debates, and performances while Kensington Gardens houses the royal palace, the gothic Albert memorial, and the lovely statue of Peter Pan. Why not experience the nature and history mix by yourself?

To sum up, choosing a London vacation is a great travel idea for those who look for a deep royal history, lively streets, and green space. For the first time visitors, we recommend to spend 3-5 days and get an opportunity to explore the best sights in London. If you would like a helping hand in planning your England itinerary, do not hesitate to contact our experienced travel specialists, who would be pleased to advise you!

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