Best Time to Travel to Norway

Best Time to Travel to Norway

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Depending on the Scandinavian experience you're aiming for, ask yourself one simple question prior to starting to plan your Norwegian getaway: do you want to explore the fjords or are you in for Northern Lights?

When is the best time to visit Norway?

Provided the first answer, we recommend setting off to Scandinavia in the warmer months of the year, starting from May to mid-September. If Northern Lights are what you're craving, then the wintertime from November to February is what you need to have in mind. Below, we have put together some handy information about the seasonality of this northern Scandinavian beauty.

Visit Norway in summer

summer norway

The majority of travelers have one same opinion when it goes down to trips to Norway: since Scandinavian weather is already chilly on its own, going in the summer months is surely a good idea. This point of view is not without good reason as the outside temperatures in Norway in summer months from June to August are the mildest and warmest. For instance, the average temperature in Oslo in July is 23°C (approximately 73°F), providing the best conditions for going on walking sightseeing tours as well as fun outside activities like hiking, kayaking, going on fjord cruises, traversing Viking heritage landmarks and more. To top that, summer holidays in Norway mean longer light days, which thus offer more time to enjoy the landmarks and natural wonders in daylight. This is also considered the best time to go on Lapland tours. And if you’re lucky, you can even catch the midnight sun!

What to do in summer?

  • Go on walking sightseeing tours
  • Enjoy hiking
  • Try Kayaking
  • Take fjord cruise
  • Discover Viking heritage landmarks

How about the winter time?

winter norway

Believe it or not, yet although the largest number of tourists come to Norway in the summer, thousands of globetrotters plan their Norway travel itinerary precisely for the winter months. Why? For the winter magic. Yes, nature’s a magnificent light show, the Aurora Borealis, cannot be described better than with the word “magical”. And despite the super cold and frosty outside temperatures, there’s much to do in winter Norway than one might think at first: a Norway Northern Lights trip, husky dog sledding, visiting reindeer farms, and or even staying in places like glass igloos or ice hotels.

What to do in winter?

  • Go on the Northern Lights trip
  • Experience husky dog sledding
  • Visit reindeer farms
  • Discover Arctic waters on a Hurtigruten cruise
  • Stay in places like glass igloos or ice hotels

Is it worth going to Norway in spring or fall?

autumn norway

Taking into mind that Norway’s extraterrestrial beauty is inspiring all year long, we say “yes, if you feel like going on Norway tours, do it ”. You’ll most likely be pleasantly surprised by shorter queues to museums and points of interest, smaller tourist crowds, and a broader choice of tickets and places to stay. Nevertheless, the weather conditions are definitely not the best in spring and autumn, and many activities may not be available due to their seasonality.

What to do in spring or fall?

  • Explore museums
  • Enjoy peaceful urban parks
  • Walk around charming wooden houses
  • Experience famous Flam Railway ride
  • Take a hiking tour

We hope that this was helpful! Learn more about this Scandinavian beauty in our Norway Trip Planner and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want our professional destination specialists to put together a customizable itinerary especially for you!