Best Time to Travel to Russia

Best Time to Travel to Russia

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Best time to go to Russia

Firstly, let us crush all the stereotypes about Russia being the kingdom of eternal frost with 2-meter snowbanks all year round. For sure, there are places in Russia that have chilly temperatures the majority of months but it has nothing in common with the entire vast territory of the country. In case you are wandering which month to choose for your Russia travel, we gathered some things you should keep in mind. But one thing's certain when it comes to planning a trip to Russia, you need to clearly understand what image of the country you want to see and which journey type are you aiming at. If you dream of leisurely strolls along the city streets on warm evenings, cruising the Volga River or even of a Trans-Siberian vacation, then the end of spring to early fall is the time of year for you. Those in search of the fairy-tale experience of riding a Russian troika sled along snow-sprinkled panoramas should choose in favor of winter. But let's look closely at what every season has to offer.


What are the advantages of a Russian summer trip​?

It would sound so obvious but the best time to travel Russia is, no doubt, summer. The warmest season of the year provides just perfect conditions to explore the most famous highlights of Russian cities on foot as well as to enjoy the untouched nature and exceptional gems of the most remote corners of the Russian province. Generally, the outside temperatures in Russia during the summertime do not differ a lot from the average European summer and keep up on +23-25°C (which is approximately 73-77°F). Such weather is ideal for extensive sightseeing and peaceful walks as well as spending a lovely warm evening on an outside terrace of Moscow or St. Petersburg, sipping a glass of wine and watching a sunset.


Best time to visit Russia: is it winter?

In case you are one of those travelers who prefer to get off from the beaten path to have some unusual experiences, you may come to Russia in winter which, in fact, won't disappoint you either. Of course, in some regions, the weather can be quite moody and severe, so any Russian trip won't do without a bunch of warm sweaters but winter travel is truly magical. Fancy Christmas decorations in Moscow alone are enough to come for!


Why not spring or autumn?

All in all, spring and autumn are considered to be the most unfavorable seasons for touring Russia as the majority of the territory of the country is dominated by chilly weather along with winds, rains, and slush. Not what you expect from your Russia tour, right? However, there's is one exception, the so-called Indian summer which usually lasts in Russia from mid-September to the beginning of October. This is your chance to see Russia in all its glory, painted in warm autumn shades of yellow, orange and red, topped with a wonderful perk: fewer tourist crowds.


All seasons have their own benefits, to learn more on the subject, watch the videos below: