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When you hear someone talking about Norway, probably one of the first associations is the legendary fjords. Indeed, beautiful giant mountains are a must-see once in a lifetime! Learn more about awe-inspiring spots to explore.

Why should you see the Norwegian fjords?

Without a doubt, Norway fjords are one of the main reasons why people choose to go to Scandinavia. These unique natural formations are among the country’s symbols and boast incredible extraterrestrial beauty found nowhere else in the world. Basically, this easily answers the "what to see in Norway" question, doesn’t it?

Norway fjords

What is more, Norwegian fjords are UNESCO-listed and protected heritage sites and, to top it all there are over 1100 of them on the territory of the country! Those interested in history also enjoy the fact that the Vikings once sailed their wooden ships on the fjord waters and many Viking traces were revealed and excavated close to the fjords.

Rugged cliffs, unusual rock formations, crystal clear blue lakes, small villages with traditional Scandinavian homes standing near the shores - seeing fjord landscapes which are simply marvelous any time of the year, even in winter, is indeed among the must things to do in Norway.

What are the top ways to see the Norwegian fjords?

It’s only true to say that there are many ways how to see Norway fjords. For instance, kayaking is a highly popular option among enthusiasts of this outdoor activity. Others choose to go on fjord hikes on the many paths with numerous outstanding viewpoints.

fjord cruise

Furthermore, a much-favored option to explore these Norway must-see natural wonders is on a Norwegian fjords cruise. Modern boats and ships take travelers on the most scenic fjord routes and give the chance to enjoy the wow-views from water.

The top way to explore fjords
Modern boats and ships take travelers on the most scenic fjord routes and give the chance to enjoy the wow-views from water.

Which are the most beautiful Norway fjords?

As mentioned earlier, there are so many fjords in Norway worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. Among the most visited of them all is Oslofjord. This destination makes for great day trips from Oslo and is often chosen for its proximity to the Norwegian capital.

Apart from the stunning Flamsbana railway ride, many travelers note the nature of Aurlandsfjord which is located by the small town of Flam. The Stegastein viewing platform set there opens amazing views of this fjord.

norway fjords view

Those considering more extensive Norway travel visit Geirangerfjord. Norway fjord cruises from Geiranger passing this fjord are thought to be among the most inspiring ones in the world as the route passes the Seven Sisters waterfall

What’s for other best fjords in Norway, Sognefjord near Balestrand cannot be unmentioned. Essentially it’s often titled as the “king” because it is the biggest Norwegian fjord and the deepest one as well.

Summing up, these are only a couple of examples of fjords you can see during your Norway tour, and if you wish to see a specific one, it can always be added on to any private tour to Norway, tailored to your interests.