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Have you ever tried to book trains online for popular European train routes like Vienna to Budapest, Paris to Amsterdam or Oslo to Bergen?

Well, as difficult as it may sound at first, booking European train tickets can be easier than ABC (even for first-timers) with our brand new online booking platform for European train tickets Rail.Ninja - curated route planning & expert advice guaranteed.

Why is it so special?

Rail Ninja makes train travel planning quick, easy, and convenient. Just like the accurate flash-like moves of a ninja, you can book rail tickets to and from any European destination in just a few clicks. The flexible service also provides the opportunity to get both last-minute tickets and the chance to book well ahead of time - as far as 2 years in advance.


The Rail Ninja platform boasts an extended and simple to use database providing up-to-date timetables, key trip information, helpful travel recommendations, and everything you need to know about your upcoming trip from train station locations to advice on travel connections to what you can take onboard. You name it, Rail Ninja's got it covered.


As for timing and accuracy, the engine is fast and sharp like a ninja star, saving your time and helping you travel worry-free. That means no exhausting connections, no long hours spent waiting, and no station to station sprints with luggage.


And if you need assistance, the multilingual customer support ninjas always have your back, willing to answer any questions and share professional knowledge on the "Art of Train Travel".

Rail Ninja is the best choice for European train travel planning. Created by Firebird Tours. Visit Rail.Ninja and see for yourself. Hiya!