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What to know about Norway flights

On the whole, there are more than 20 major airlines which fly to different Norwegian cities, including such companies as Vueling, the Norway airlines - Norwegian Air, Lufthansa, Air France, and British Airways. Most travelers going to Norway arrive to the capital's main airport, Oslo Airport Gardermoen, which is the largest and most visited one in the whole country.

Depending on the departure and arrival destination, the schedule of Norwegian flights may offer from one weekly to several daily departures. For instance, those who'd like to travel north of the country straight to the Tromso Airport in Langnes, should keep in mind that there are only a few international direct flights going there and a change will most likely be necessary, thus you’ll need to purchase several air tickets to Norway. Speaking of other Norway airports, say, if Bergen is on your travel radar, you can count on direct connections to as many as 47 international destinations, including the USA and the United Kingdom, as well as 16 internal routes.

The main recommendation for those planning to book flights to Oslo Norway or other cities, is to do so as far in advance as you can in order to get best deals and fares.