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How Firebird Tours contributes to make the world a better place

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Being experts in travel, we know the ultimate value shared by people from all countries more than any other - family. To help make the world a better place we dedicate much to actively support the projects of Change One Life (Измени одну жизнь), a Russian charity foundation. Their mission is to give orphans an additional chance to obtain a family.

The foundation’s last campaign, entitled “The Future Depends on You”, resulted in raising over 2 million Russian rubles. The money was spent on creating video applications of kids, waiting to be adopted, as well as on consulting future parents. The created All-Russia video database simplifies the process of getting acquainted with children.


The approach of Change One Life turned out to be so effective that over 7000 children have already made happy families complete. Firebird Tours is proud to be part of a team that makes such miracles happen.


Below you can see how Change One Life creates videos of children for the database.


If you feel like making a donation or contributing to the project as well, check out the Change One Life website or Facebook page.