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If you wish to treat your loved one to a romantic getaway, consider setting off on tours to Europe. The opportunities for city breaks to celebrate your love are endless in this region, and here are some of the most romantic European cities you can mix and match for your ideal amorous getaway.


Without a doubt, the capital of France, Paris, is a most favored destination for romantic getaways in Europe. Upon arrival, let yourself be enchanted by baroque-style architecture, pretty bakeries, and luxurious French restaurants.

Sparkling as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris has a vibe of romance like no other place.

Relax by taking a cruise with wine tasting or immerse yourself in the local culture by paying a visit to the most iconic Paris sights including Concorde Square, the Latin Quarter, Vendome Square, and the Egyptian Obelisk. And obviously, you should save some time to try the best delicacies of the worldwide famous French cuisine.


No matter what time of the year you come to France, you'll see couples enjoying the views of the Eiffel Tower, taking leisurely strolls on the paths of the Tuileries Gardens, and sipping champagne in the city’s many small cafes. What’s not to love?

It’s no wonder that Paris ranks highest in the "world's most popular honeymoon destinations” and attracts numerous tourists to admire the unique charm of the city!

In case you want to make your trip even more eventful, take a Paris to Amsterdam train or train from Paris to London to fully immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere.

Romantic landmarks in Paris:

  • Concorde Square
  • The Latin Quarter
  • The Vendome Square
  • The Egyptian Obelisk
  • The Eiffel Tower


A destination blooming with love, Amsterdam will sweep you off your feet with its beauty and abundance of flowers.

If you wish to see the perfect Netherlands picture you’ve had in your head (the one with hundred-year-old windmills peacefully spinning in the gorgeous surroundings of dazzling tulip fields) it’s best to plan a romantic trip here in spring.

Amsterdam romantic city

Amsterdam has it all: a charming atmosphere, incredible architecture, and hundreds of beautiful canals that make the landscape of the city so unique.

Going on an Amsterdam canals boat ride and viewing the town from the water will for sure make your Amsterdam journey even more memorable!

As for other flavors of romance, try renting bikes in this world bike capital or casually explore the narrow streets of the city on foot to enjoy the spirit of Amsterdam to the fullest!

Romantic landmarks in Venice:

  • Rialto Bridge
  • Saint Mark’s Basilica
  • Murano and Burano Islands
  • The Grand Canal


Rightfully, Venice is one of the most romantic cities in Europe (and the world), attracting thousands of lovebirds from around the globe with its charming atmosphere of long-drawn gondolas swaying along petite canals.

While in Venice, take a romantic boat trip and explore numerous islands of Venice connected by more than 400 bridges!

With its Byzantine and Islamic architecture, the city looks like it came from one of your favorite paintings. Enigmatic street artists in Venetian carnival masks, the delightful Rialto Bridge playing in the rays of the sunset, people admiring the grandeur of Saint Mark’s Basilica!

Venice romantic city

And the small boats heading to the Murano and Burano Islands, bursting in vivid colors - Venice is surely a place to discover with your special someone.

Italian cuisine is also worth mentioning as no trip can’t be complete without proper gastronomic experience. Trying local specials is an absolute must for all gourmets. Immerse yourself into a perfect mix of tastes and smells and make your Italy travel even more unforgettable!


Purest romance awaits those who choose to travel to the mind-blogging capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, that is rated high among the romantic places in Europe. With its massive bridges, majestic cathedrals, and golden-tipped spires this fantastic place fascinates travelers from all corners of the world.

Prague romantic city

The city is full of numerous museums, galleries, and cinemas which are worth paying a visit to. This is far from everything that Prague has to offer! Take in the beauty of the lush Prague Castle, feel the history as you cross Charles Bridge, pass the Town Gates, and make your way to the inviting Old Town Square.

Moreover, save some time to explore the atmospherical pubs and cozy cafes hidden among the narrow cobblestone streets of the city. There's also a twist to the modern side of Prague, so don't forget to flow into the rhythm of the adorable Dancing House!

Absorb the sweet feeling of a fairy tale - take a trip to Sintra's Pena Palace.


This Portuguese gem is one of the most romantic places in Europe that will cuddle you with sunlight and soothe with the sound of its yellow trams gliding by the Atlantic Ocean and the white-stone Belem Tower.

The picturesque capital of Portugal with its ancient history will for sure stay in your soul forever!

lisbon romantic city

Experience the beauty of the Old Town, get lost among pastel-colored streets, and don’t miss a chance to attend a traditional Portuguese Fado show.

To embrace the lovey-dovey spirit of Lisbon go to the many viewpoints set on the city's hills and enjoy the postcard image of the red roofs, colorful buildings, and the blue waters.

Those wishing to absorb the sweet feeling of a fairy tale should take a trip to Sintra that is located near Lisbon and is home to outstanding castles like the Pena National Palace.


Barcelona’s young spirit and bright colors touch everyone’s feelings. This is a place where all dreams come true as the city is full of surprises. Undoubtedly, Barcelona offers great diversity: start your day with an exploration of the most iconic museums and city-sights and in the afternoon relax and capture the moment for eternity as you see off the sunset while sitting on the Barceloneta beach.

Barcelona romantic city

Other recommendations to spice up your getaway to this beautiful city in Spain is to go to the splendid Park Guell with the sweet-looking gingerbread houses, rise to Mount Tibidabo on a funicular and ride a Ferris wheel up top where your mind for sure will be blown away by the breathtaking views!

For a gastronomical taste of Barcelona, head to the La Boqueria market, situated in the old town. Moreover, don’t forget to try local Vermouth and Sangria wine!

Go on a romantic Amsterdam canals boat ride!

With so many wonderful places to go to, why stop on just one? We suggest visiting several cities in one trip, and with our fully customizable private tours to Europe you can add on any destinations of your choice and we'll take care of all the logistics so that you can enjoy every minute of your unforgettable romantic getaway to Europe.