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Europe is not the spiciest place in the world, but there are few corners that offer burning gastronomical sensations. So for the travelers that can't live without their spicy flavors, here is the list of the top dishes in Europe that are a must to try for a throat-searing, unforgettable experience.

Patatas Bravas, Spain

Many assume that Spanish cuisine is as spicy as the temperament of the locals, although it is far from true. Spain citizens love spices, but their preference for the dish hotness is rather mild. However, every rule comes with an exception, so does Spanish cuisine.

Mini Patatas Dish

Hence, if you travel to Spain and have spicy food cravings then another vital Spanish phrase, which you need to add to your travel vocabulary is "Patatas Bravas, por favor!"

The spicy dish is quite simple, consisting of two key ingredients. The hot fiery red sauce complements well the fresh potatoes, that have been peeled, diced, and fried. The composition of the dish varies from one Spanish province to another, preserving the heat of the red sauce. Sabroso!

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Bosna, Austria

Austria like a true German-speaking country, could not get by without sausages, especially Bratwurst type, in their cuisine. The sausages are key in the Austrian diet and are often found in the street food too.

Mini Bosna Food

Thus if you visit the country in the heart of Europe, make sure to bite into Bosna - a spicy sausage sandwich, for a truly complete Austrian experience.

The sandwich originates from Salzburg and is consisting of Bratwurst or Nadanitza sausage, ketchup, mustard, onion, and most importantly - curry powder, that makes the dish stand out from the rest of the street food. Carefully prepared ingredients are then wrapped in a grilled white bun, often resembling a hot dog. Savor more than hot Bosna during any of the small group or private tours to Central Europe with quality days in Austria.

Piatto della Memoria Perduta, Italy

Italians, similarly to Spanish, are not keen on very hot food, so the hunt for the spiciest dish in Italy leads us to the right tip of the Italian peninsula - Calabria. The most iconic ingredient of the region is peperoncino - the fiery red peppers that are used in many different ways.

Italian Spaghetti

You can often taste them in chocolate, grappa (vodka made from grapes), sausages, oil - pretty much every sort of food type in the region.

If you find yourself in the spicy corner of Italy you should try the dish of lost memory - the spiciest pasta in Calabria. The pasta is made with the richest chili oil and croutons. The smell and the taste will leave a burning sensation in your throat and definitely make you forget everything else in the world. On the bright side, you could bring home chili-infused chocolate!

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Peperoncino in Calabria is used as a condiment (fresh, in oil or dried) or as an ingredient for many recipes: pasta dishes, sauces, sausages and, recently, it is also used in the preparation of desserts, liqueurs and beers.

Frango no Churrasco, Portugal

Spain's neighbor - Portugal, often attracts travelers with its sandy beaches, rich wine, and beautiful weather, and of course - appetizing cuisine. When it comes to spicy food, Portugal like the rest of Europe, prefers mild, rich flavors, saving their receptors for an occasional spicy dish.

Traditional Chicked Dish

The perfect fiery PortuguesTbarbeque'. The tasty chicken skewers are widely available from the street vendors on the busiest roads all across Portugal. The secret to the spicy recipe is in the preparation of the poultry, it is spatchcocked and thoroughly marinated in a mix of ingredients, including olive oil, garlic, lemon, white wine, and spicy paprika.

Another important aspect of cooking the dish is to constantly baste it with Portuguese signature chili sauce Piri Piri and marinade whilst rotating over a coal pit.

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Solyanka, Russia

An unexpected ending to the discovery of spicy dishes in Europe brings you to the largest country in the world - Russia. The Russian cuisine is diverse and heavily influenced by Northern and Eastern European, Caucasian, and Asian cuisines, with staples of the Russian diet being - seasonal soups and stews.

Solyanka Soup in Russia

One of the nation's favorite soups that will surely heat you up is Solyanka. The thick, spicy, and sour dish can be made with either meat, fish or mushroom, to satisfy all types of cravings.

Whichever the type, Solyanka soup always consists of pickled cucumbers with brine, potatoes, sour cream, dill, and cabbage.

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Solyanka was first mentioned in the Russian historical record in the 15th century.

Maultaschen, Germany

Maultaschen is a bit similar to ravioli but bigger. They are cooked palm-sized and stuffed with various fillings, from savory to sweet, from meaty to vegetarian. But usually, they are spicy and simmered with broth.

Moreover, you can find Maultaschen all over Germany since it's one of the favorite dishes among Germans.


Moules Marinières, France

This dish is the one that comes to your mind when thinking about France. Originated in Belgium, the French popularized Moules Marinières adding spicy notes to the dish. There are multiple ways to cook mussels, and the most popular is to marinate them in white wine broth with spices.


All in all, if you're a fan of travel and a foodie too, a trip to Europe certainly won't disappoint you. The cuisines of the many countries making up Europe are as rich as their culture and history! Thus, make sure to check our tours and pick the one that suits you the best.