Three Scandinavian Festivals to Reveal Your Inner Viking


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Have you ever wondered how heavy a Viking sword is? Or have you ever dreamed about wearing an authentic Viking helmet? Well, then the only thing you need is a grain of curiosity and a bit of courage to travel to Scandinavia and discover Viking secrets yourself during traditional Viking festivals.

Scandinavians are proud of their rich history and of course the abundant Viking heritage. At the same time, all Scandinavians would agree that the best way to celebrate their pride of the Vikings is the annual Viking festivals held all over the region. 2015 is not an exceptional year and Scandinavia is already preparing for this year's Viking celebrations.

Karmoy Viking Festival

The most massive and amusing festivals are held during the summer seasons starting with Karmøy Viking festival on June 7th. Half-way between Bergen and Stavanger, in a reconstructed Viking settlement, Karmøy community brings Viking history and culture to life.

Karmoy Viking Festival

The Viking Market is the main event of this festival. It offers archery, workshop, Viking music, arts, crafts, food, and much more.

All events take place at Avaldsnes and at Viking farm in Bukkøy. The main goal of this Norwegian celebration is to show the Vikings through "living history".

Interesting Fact
Interestingly, the word Viking is derived from Old Norse víkingr, from vík ‘creek’ or Old English wīc ‘camp, dwelling place’ which were often a prominent feature of the Vikings’ raids.

Viking Moot Festival

The Viking Moot festival takes place on the last weekend of July every year in the Danish town of Aarhus. Besides 25,000 visitors this annual event is famous for its warrior fights, riding shows, and the town's major attraction - Moesgård Museum. Throughout the festive days, both visitors and participants can experience historical Viking markets and competitions where one can meet traditionally clothed craftsmen, traders, and Viking warriors.

Viking Moot Festival

Lofotr Viking Festival

Last but not least, there's a colorful Lofotr Viking Festival that takes place on August 5th-9th. This festival is set in the picturesque surroundings of the Lofoten Islands and each year focuses around a particular topic of the Viking Heritage - such as the "stories and myths of the Vikings".

Lofotr viking Festival

The program offers amusing activities for every participant of the festival: from traditional Viking games to theater shows to staged fighting performances to handicraft display and a lot more.

Scandinavia is even more amazing than you think, and it inspires everyone from film makers to leisurely travelers! Let us know whenever you are ready to start your Viking exploration. In the meantime, browse our theme Viking Heritage tour.