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Firebird News
Real Client's Review: Traveling with Firebird during Global Pandemic
The past month has put a strain on travel companies across the globe, and Firebird is one of them. However, even though it's difficult to predict how long the travels will be restricted, we believe that this crisis is an opportunity to show what we are capable of and how seriously we are committed to organizing a better travel experience despite the circumstances. Therefore, we would like to share feedback from our recent traveler Regina, who has just returned home from her trip to Finland.
Real Client's Review: "You won't want to leave St. Petersburg"
The company had the most flexible tour package of all we looked at. We liked their general 7-day Venice of the North itinerary and after discussion and reassurance that they were flexible, added more to it to make sure our sightseeing wants were met. I thought I saw errors but they knew the non-published times and availability of St. Petersburg museums and benefits of having a licensed guide, so together we got museum tickets, with and without a guide, as well as show and ballet tickets (we are not fond of queues).
Real Client's Review: "Tsar's Gold Adventure Overview"
We are always excited to get our client's feedback about the journeys we've organized! This time, we received a saturated review and a bunch of nice photos from one of our travelers, Bob Derickson, who experienced the great Tsar's Gold Trans-Siberian adventure in July 2019. We're happy to share this piece with you and hope that it'll inspire you to embark on an epic journey like this one day!
Crossing 1/3 of the World. Real Client's Review
"This could only have been achieved by the incredible research & ground work put in by the passionate & dedicated staff at Travel All Russia." - Leonie Bailey about their Trans-Siberian adventure and crossing one-third of the planet in 36 days.
Quarter in Review: July | August | September
After reflecting on the ups and downs of the last several months, we're happy to say that July, August, and September have brought an abundance of new ideas, new goals to achieve, and new destinations for you to explore!
Vote for Firebird Tours in Travvy Awards 2020
The time for the travel industry's "Academy Awards" is here, and we need your support! The famous awards are taking place 6th year in a row and once again will honor the best companies, from travel suppliers to destinations.