Firebird Year in Review: 2017


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After popping a few bottles of champagne and watching the sky lit up with fireworks less than a month ago (or last week if the Russian Old New Year celebration counts), we think it's the right time to reflect on the past year and discover what, here at Firebird Tours, we have managed to achieve.

The year 2017 was full of opportunities to improve and grow as a company, letting us spread the joy of traveling even wider. So today, we look back to the year and share our reflection with you!

Travelers Serviced: 70,000

In 2017, we have helped widen horizons for many travelers, 70 thousand of them to be exact. Coming from various corners of the U.S. and Australia, our travelers explored the best of Europe's hidden gems and not such hidden ones like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Colleseum in Rome and the Kremlin of Moscow. They have traveled in small groups or privately, depending on their preference.

Top 5 New Trending Destinations

After reviewing all the tours sold, we have learned that our travelers' most sought-after travels in 2017 were tours to sunny locations and one-of-a-kind experiences. According to sales report, the top trending tours were to Italy, Spain, and Portugal and adventurous travels like Trans-Siberian rail journey across Russia, Mongolia and China and Northern Lights tour in Scandinavia allowing travelers to see the bright dancing light of Aurora.

Itineraries Created: 11,500

Our destination specialists across all the offices have been crafting itineraries day and night (if you consider different time zones) for the travelers, resulting in over 11 thousand small group or private fully customized travel arrangements for tours to Europe in 2017. The itineraries are like a puzzle of 1000 pieces - and all pieces come with complex logistics. This makes the crafting of itineraries a true form of art-making all aspects of your journey perfectly fit with each other.

Hours on the Phone: 6,000

To come up with the perfect itinerary, destination specialists have to understand travelers' wishes and needs completely. To do so, the most convenient way to communicate is picking up the phone and ringing the traveler. Hence, our travel experts spent 6 thousand hours on the phones in 2017 preparing itineraries for our travelers.

Emails Sent: 500,000

Creating a flawless travel experience takes more than just one phone call, it takes a bunch of emails too. Once the destination specialist knows the general expectations for the trip, he or she then works on a draft version of the tour itinerary. The on-going communication via email begins with the first draft sent to the client. Adjusting the accommodations, adding optional tours, swapping days around - anything that traveler desires to change is only an email away.

Milestone Reached: 10th Anniversary

A highlight of 2017 was definitely September the 7th when the company turned 10 years old. Some would argue that age is just the number, but we believe it reflects the expertise and the trust we build with our travelers. So here is to another 10 years, we hope they are as full of important lessons and new experiences as the last were.

Taking everything into account, here at Firebird Tours, during the year 2017 we helped 70 thousand travelers to discover breathtaking places in Europe. And to make the beautiful traveling wishes come true we spent ages on the phone- 6 thousand hours, and never stopped typing emails with 500 sent to our travelers.