World's Most Scenic Train Journey On Norwegian Tracks

World's Most Scenic Train Journey On Norwegian Tracks

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It took one month to complete one meter of this railway and seventeen years to finalize the whole construction of the Flam Railway (Flåmsbana). The line's elevation difference is 863 meters, and it is also named the best train journey in the world.

This Norwegian train route starts in the highest located Myrdal station (866 m above sea level) and ends in a very small town - Flam which is nestled in the innermost corner of the stunningly picturesque Aurlandsfjord. The Flamsbana line lasts for 20km with ten stations, twenty tunnels and one bridge included.

About Flamsbana Railway

Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a train. In this case, it is. The construction of Flamsbana tunnels started in 1924, and the first tunnel was completed in 1926. Eighteen of twenty tunnels were excavated by human hands; no hard machinery was used. The workforce required for the construction of this project varied from 120 to 220 laborers. This marvelous hand-made construction was done by drilling up to 4.2 meters through the rock, filling the holes with dynamite, and blasting.

The last tunnel of Flamsbana was completed in 1935, and the actual railway tracks were laid down. Now can you only imagine how challenging this work was for all the men who directed all their energy so that today's travelers can awe in amusement from the most experiential train journey?

Quick Flamsbana Facts

  • Starts in: Myrdal station (866 m above sea level)
  • Ends in: Flam (innermost corner of Aurlandsfjord) 
  • Length: 20 km
  • Stops: 10
  • Tunnels: 20
  • Bridges: 1


History & Facts About Flam Railway

The Flam train, which runs through the narrow and beautiful Flam valley, started carrying passengers in 1941. Now it sets a new record of carried passengers annually. Each year this exciting railway journey attracts travelers from all over the world and makes Flam railway the major tourist attraction in Norway. This thrilling journey offers wild and magnificent natural scenery throughout all seasons. This Norway train crosses the Flam valley and river three times during the one-hour-long route, simultaneously reveals waterfall cascades, steep mountains, and Norway's breathtaking longest fjord. The entire scenery makes the Flam Railway journey an experience of a lifetime that can't be missed.

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