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In case great weather coupled with an irresistible wander thirst are spurring you into escaping from your native country for a couple of weeks, we are glad to announce that there’s a country that has everything an ideal getaway should include.

The charming Kingdom of Jordan is, indeed, a collected edition of unique historic heritage, spiced up by extraterrestrial, almost cosmic landscapes, the warm sea, and outstanding recreational resorts. Crave to become the main character of this oriental fairytale? In this piece, we’ve put together everything you need to know about Jordan travel and the country’s main attractions. Read and enjoy!

Brief Dip into Jordan’s History

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan traces back to the Paleolithic period and has witnessed a myriad of great epochs, devastating wars, and mighty rulers, which means that any trip to Jordan involves an immersion into history by default. Throughout its centuries-old existence, the territory of the present-day Jordan has become the scene of the struggle between various civilizations: Romans, Egyptian Mamluks, Tatars, and others, who left an impressive number of various landmarks surviving to this day.

Jerash, Jordan

However, the modern Jordanian state which we know today appeared only in April 1921. As a result of the First World War and the collapse of the former Ottoman Empire, the Emirate of Transjordan was formed under the protectorate of Great Britain.

Under the rule of King Abdullah, the emirate turned from a tribal nomadic society into a viable state, and in 1946 the Kingdom of Jordan officially proclaimed its independence.

Nowadays, Jordan is a flamboyant genuine Arab state with the capital in Amman. The country is a great place to explore on its own, but very often travelers combine their Jordan tour with a visit to Israel, bordering Jordan in the west. Other Jordan neighbors include such countries of the Middle East as Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Palestine.

Things to See in Jordan:

  • The Ruins of Jerash;
  • Umm Ar-Rasas;
  • Wadi Rum;
  • Wadi Mujib;
  • Petra;
  • Quseir Amra;
  • Amman Citadel.

The Allure of the Jordan Capital

The capital of ancient Jordan, Amman, has quite a senior age, dating back to the 13th century BC when it was the center of the Kingdom of Ammon. For many centuries, the city was in decline, falling into the hands of various invaders, and only in the middle of the 20th century Amman started to thrive as it was chosen as the capital of the newly proclaimed state.

Nowadays, Amman is a dynamic city that attracts travelers from around the globe to feel the rhythm of the modern Arab metropolis with business centers, shopping malls, restaurants, and art galleries that emerged right amid the poor neighborhoods.

Amman, Jordan

Though Amman itself lacks an impressive historical background and scenic architectural tapestry of a typical Eastern capital, its downtown still features some spectacular ruins of the Roman times, an ancient Citadel, and several beautiful mosques.

Most travelers make Amman their starting point for trips to other Jordan famous places of interest which, in their turn, will definitely satisfy your thirst for saturated historic discoveries. So what direction to choose once Amman is explored inside and out?

The Pink City of Jordan, Petra

In fact, every country in the world has its one-of-a-kind symbol which makes it recognizable: the refined Eiffel Tower in France, the legendary Colosseum in Italy or the vibrant Kremlin and Red Square in Russia. The unquestionable and most significant gem of the Kingdom of Jordan is stunning Petra which is still considered one of the most mysterious spots on our planet.

Being the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom, Petra was literally carved from the sheer cliffs by nomad merchants. This marvelous hub was rightfully included in the list of New Wonders of the World as its enchanting appearance looks particularly unreal.

It’s no surprise that Petra even became the background for the Spielberg blockbuster about Indiana Jones. Getting to Petra is reminiscent of transferring to a parallel reality!

Petra, Jordan

Once you pass a narrow crevice of the pink sandstone canyon, you find yourself surrounded by colorful horse carriages dashing about here and there, lively locals, and the unparalleled beauty of pink cliffs.

The hallmark building of Petra is the Al-Khazneh temple, often referred to as the Treasury. The fancy 39-meter (127 feet) facade of the mausoleum dates back to the 1st century BC and is probably the most photographed attraction of Petra.

Petra, Jordan

Ancient Petra is slashed with dozens of trails, so you’ll definitely need to devote a whole day to the exploration of this archeological park. We strongly recommend wearing a hat and comfortable shoes as some of the trails can be quite heavy-going.

In case you stay in Petra till the sunset, you are the lucky one as you’ll have the chance to witness how the cliffs are changing their color to bright pink and red in the late afternoon sunlight. Only this magical view on its own is worth setting off on an unforgettable Petra tour!

Space Adventure in Wadi Rum

What would you say if we tell you that it is actually possible to witness mind-blowing Mars landscapes without leaving the Earth? And no, without a telescope or the augmented reality glasses. Feel intrigued? We bet you do.

Welcome to the mighty desert Wadi Rum, the so-called Valley of the Moon and a piece of space accessible to every adventurous globetrotter. Tonnes of sand, winding canyons, massive dunes, and the caves of Wadi Rum have become the decorations of countless Hollywood movies, and the desert itself was listed among the UNESCO World Sites.

Wadi Rum

The loud silence and unbelievable scenery are so striking in their grandeur that you unintentionally feel overtaken by contemplation and philosophic mood, feeling like a small grain of sand in this boundless universe. Not to say that Wadi Rum provides simply incredible opportunities for taking inspiring photos of your lifetime!

Wadi Rum

The best way to explore the vastness of Wadi Rum is a desert safari on a jeep. In case you crave for a deeper insight into the life of local nomads, you can even spend a night in a desert camp, have a cup of tea with Bedouins, and listen to the stories about their life.

Dead Sea Relaxation

Once you discover the major calling cards of Jordan, it is high time for quality relaxation! Fortunately, Jordan boasts one more natural gem (which it shares with Israel), the one and only Dead Sea. To savor the bounty of the Dead Sea, head to the resort town of Swemeh.

The Dead Sea unique natural spa-resort is the lowest spot on Earth, located at 430 meters (1412 feet) below sea level. The Dead Sea brings together the best a natural resort can offer: breathtaking sceneries, proximity to historic gems, and, of course, health benefits found nowhere else in the world.

Dead Sea

Sadly, this natural wonder shrinks in size every year which means that you just can’t miss the great chance to soak in the mineral hyper-salty waters of the Dead Sea as it can become unattainable luxury in the nearest future. In fact, local spa-centers offer such a wide range of various saltwater and mud treatments that missing this opportunity is absolutely unacceptable!

Summing up, Jordan disarms at the very first glance at its exceptional historic relics, fantastic rocky landscapes, and vast oceans of sand. Providing diverse opportunities to every taste and budget, Jordan, without prejudice, will become one of the most atmospheric places you’ve ever traveled to. Eager to verify this bold statement? Contact our travel specialist who will happily give you hand in putting together the Jordan itinerary of your dreams!