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Great Volga Dream Cruise

Adventure Intensified in a Uniquely Russian Experience

For most people, the roads and rivers traveled by the ancient stirs romantic and adventurous notions. The Varangians, for instance, traveled great distances to bring back riches from the Black Sea and the Greek Isles northward to the Baltics. To travel those very waterways on a ship where all your needs and desires are handled for you allows for a rich and fulfilling introduction to what drives the beat of the heart of Russia.

Hop aboard the Volga River cruise - one of our many high-scale river cruises. The ship is unique in both its supreme construction and luxurious amenities which take you on a trip through Russia exploring the best of both land and water travel.


  • Enjoy the best of both worlds. The trip is adequately split between land and water excursions;
  • On board your ship, enjoy the carefree living with a touch of glamour on board a 3-, 4-, or 5-star experience of a lifetime before lodging some nights in the most luxurious land hotels;
  • Ship travel far exceeds land travel in its golden opportunities to make friends from all over the world;
  • The list of amenities aboard the ship is endless but includes two restaurants, two bars, air conditioned guest areas, a beauty salon, reading room and observation lounge;
  • Guests can also take part in lectures covering the most fascinating aspects of Russian history by well-renowned university lecturers and specialists.
  • The coasts and shores are deep, colorful, inviting and stunning in their natural beauty.