How to Make the Best of Your Scandinavian Experience

Scandinavian Landscape

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We bet you already know a lot about Scandinavian culture, economy and its spectacular nature. Best education system? Simple and functional design? Nature on a doorstep? Happy and liberal people? True. And there is so much more than that! Here we will share why Scandinavia should become your next great destination and where to look for the best unique experiences.


Discover Scandinavia's Best-Kept Secrets for Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in Norway is claimed to be a ticket to adventure. We believe there is a reason for that - stunning views of versatile nature, trails often leading to inaccessible areas and multiple challenges while trying to cross dirt mountain roads or even solid rock.

More than 90% of the country consists of mountains and the Western and Northern part are known to be the most challenging. For those interested in the adventure cycling experts share their favorite bike trips with both most popular and still undiscovered routes.


See the Midnight Sun

No less than Northern Lights this experience deserves a place in your travel agenda. And you can see both on the same route.

The most popular Scandinavian location to see the midnight sun is the North Cape - the northernmost point of Europe where you can also experience numerous attractions. We also recommend you visiting the northernmost town in Sweden called Kiruna. There you can observe the midnight sun, Northern Lights and visit the world famous Icehotel. Oh, and don’t forget to go dog sledding - this is the true experience of Lapland and Sami culture.


Don't Miss Out on Bergen and the Fjord

Just about everything in the area is a must see, so take your time there.

You can visit the mountains surrounding Bergen by foot or cable car and take a tour of this charming city. And of course - THE FJORDS. This might be the highlight of your trip. The Norwegian Fjords are one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Scandinavia and probably the whole world. A boat trip is a perfect option to experience magnificent nature and enjoy breathtaking views. A warning - you should not go on board without your camera!


Celebrate the Longest Day of the Year with the Midsummer Festival

The Midsummer Festival that celebrates the summer solstice is a big deal in Scandinavia or, in other words, party time! If you are lucky to be traveling in June, just pick any Scandinavian country to experience this festival of light, flowers, food and music. Filled with singing, folk dance and rituals associated with nature, it will give you a good dive into Scandinavian culture and traditions.


Start Your Experience Before You Leave


With “Trollywood”!

While packing your bags we recommend you to watch some great Scandinavian movies to get a glimpse of its culture. “Trollywood” is the informal name for a well-known film production facility in Trollhättan Municipality in Sweden. Another center of the Scandinavian movie industry is Denmark with its famous Lars von Trier and Carl Tr. Dreyer.

You can find a variety of movies worth watching produced from the 1960’s till now. Here are a few: Pusher (1996), Open Hearts (2002), Worlds Apart (2008), The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009).


And to Get You Even More Excited About Your Trip

Take a look at some fun facts about Scandinavia. Did you know that while Finland is called "The Land of the 1,000 lakes", the country has more than 188,000 lakes with 98,000 islands?


Enjoy your Scandinavian experience and let us know the highlights of your trip!