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How to blend in with the locals: Italian language essentials

If you're concerned that no-one will understand you when you arrive in Italy, rest assured, most of the locals, especially the ones working in tourism or providing services, speak at least some English. You surely won't have any trouble communicating in English with the hotel staff, waiters in restaurants and etc.

In any case, knowing a few words in Italian wouldn't hurt, so here are some Italian language tips for first timers traveling to Italy.

If you want to greet someone or say "bye", simply say one same word for both: "Ciao" (pronounced "chao").

When asking someone for something, don't forget to add "Per favore", meaning "please". And thank people by saying "grazie" (pronounced "gratsie").

"Yes" and "no" are easy ones too - "si" and "no".

And don't be worried to pronounce any of them incorrectly, the locals will surely appreciate your effort regardless!