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Want to know about all the unmissable "tops", "bests", "mosts" in Europe? Find out more from our articles dedicated to the European lists and rankings.


Lists & Rankings
Creating a product of great value for our clients is always our aim when we craft our tours to Europe. For this reason, we decided to compare our popular small group tour to Italy called "Italy: Venice to Amalfi Coast" with the analogous products of other tour operators offered on the market. Here are our findings:
Discover volcanoes, thundering waterfalls and steaming geothermal areas. The list to fall in love with Iceland, especially its capital Reykjavik, could go on and on, but for now, we have prepared top 10, based on our destination specialists' opinion and travelers’ reviews.
Often people are tempted to book tours to Finland just for this unique opportunity - to meet real Santa Claus! But there is more to Finland than that, it is an extremely welcoming, inspiring and unique country, with hundreds of different outdoor activities, delicious food, and unspoiled nature. Here is our top 10!
Denmark is rolling out all kinds of entertainment, from heritage treats to architecture treasures, modern art, and delicious traditional cuisine. Here you can find the places that have no crowds and no rush, as well as those that are full of adventurous experiences.
So you are planning a trip to Scandinavia, and Sweden is on your radar? That’s a great start! If it already made it into your itinerary, keep reading, as we are about to present a rundown of the top 10 experiences that will make that trip of yours a once in a lifetime adventure.
We've traveled the world in and out and can firmly state, Norway is a place which we could come back to again and again. Of course, not everyone loves pickled herring and meatballs, but who could possibly say "no" to a vacation to the breathtaking fjords and charming cities?
The sunny summer season is right around the corner so it’s high time to start planning your European getaway. And if you’re looking for top-notch white-sand beaches, endless sightseeing opportunities, delicious cuisine to delight in, and are craving for some vitamin D plus vitamin sea, here are the top places to make your tour to Southern Europe one to remember.
Having thousands of years of history behind its back, Europe has something to offer even to the most seasoned traveler. This time we are reviewing some of its spookiest corners to spice up your next tour to Europe. Read about stirring places in rainy Scotland, swim across la Manche channel and find out what is spooky about the capital of France, travel south and learn about hair-raising places in sunny Italy and Portugal then end your thrilling adventure with stories from Austria and Lithuania.