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Major Norway Airports

The most important and major one of all Norwegian airports is the Oslo Lufthavn (OSL). This international airport is the busiest and has the largest circulation of flights to Oslo Norway in the country, connecting the city with about 200 destinations and a passenger traffic flow of over 27 million people per year. It is a modern airport, offering passengers 2-hour charge-free WiFi access, dozens of onsite restaurants and cafes.

The Oslo Lufthavn airport is located a little less than 50 kilometers (about 30 miles) away from the heart of the city in Gardermoen. Apart from private transfers and Norway airport transport like buses which run on a specific schedule, the easiest way how to get from Norway airport to Oslo is on a Flytoget which is a fast airport express train.

The second-largest Bergen Airport (BGO), situated in Flesland, is another popular arrival destination of flights to Norway. This airport has direct flights to 45+ international destinations, as well as more than 15 domestic ones. Public transport such as the Flybussen bus and the Bybanen rail connect the airport to the city in approximately 45 minutes.

Other popular airports in Norway include Stavanger Airport in Sola and the Trondheim Airport in Vaernes. The routes to these cities are considered among the busiest in Europe. What is more, one of the northernmost and largest international airports in Norway, the Tromso airport, is the destination for those who wish to explore the Arctic north.