Mobile Cell-Phone: Will it Work in Norway?

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What to know about mobile phones in Norway

If you are concerned whether your cell phone will work during your trip, you shouldn’t worry as mobile phone service in Norway is of high quality. The mobile connection network in Norway is well-developed and therefore you most likely won’t face problems with having cell phone reception in any of the Norwegian cities, large or small. Plus Norway mobile phone coverage is great, with GSM and 3G practically everywhere in the country.

Nevertheless, there may be cases when it might be more difficult to find a signal, for example, if you are somewhere on the road far from the towns, in deep fjords or in the remote wilderness.

Provided that you prefer to stay connected by using the services of the phone operator which you use back at home, make sure to find out the terms and prices for roaming calls and mobile internet before you go. This way you’ll safeguard yourself from unpleasant bills.

Alternatively, you may also purchase a prepaid local Norwegian SIM card on the spot in any of the local shops selling cell phones or in 7-eleven stores. Note that it will be possible to use such cards only if your mobile phone supports SIM cards of foreign mobile operators which differ from yours, so it’s best to find that out prior to your trip too.

On the bright side though, most high-speed trains, modern intercity buses, and, of course, hotels and public areas like restaurants, airports, and cafes, offer WiFi access, and most of the time it is free of charge, so you’ll have no trouble staying connected via WIFI internet as you travel Norway.