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It's December already, and as much as we'd like to go straight into the heartwarming festivities of the month, there is something we needed to take care of beforehand. As the title reveals, we continue our tradition of reviewing travel trends and sharing our overview of the month.

As you know by now, it usually involves counting how many itineraries we prepared for our clients, adding up the statistics for the most popular tours of the month and seeing what goods our Product Development team have been working on last month. So, without any further adieu - let's see what November was like, here at Firebird.

Most popular tours of the month

When the weather gets chilly we notice by looking at our tour sales, that there are couple popular travel directions in Europe that our travelers like to choose between. First one - is up north, to Scandinavia. The late autumn-winter time is charming there; travelers get to enjoy picturesque snowy landscapes, magnificent Northern Lights, majestic cruises around fjords and unforgettable winter activities like snowmobiling, husky rides and many more. The second direction in Europe is down south - to the ultimate hub of sun and pleasant weather - Italy. Many wander there to explore their Italian heritage, discover the Roman history, observe iconic architecture and just be present at the moment enjoying Italian ambiance. Here's a breakdown of our most popular tours booked in November:

  • Epic Norwegian Fjords Southbound Tour- an 11-day program including a 4-star cruise through the fjords of Norway. Your trip starts with a city tour of Oslo and ends there too after you cruise through the north of Norway.
  • Finland Northern Lights Adventure - a 7-day private tour to Finland is another popular choice amongst our travelers. Your program begins with a guided tour in the capital and continues in Santa's hometown - Rovaniemi, where you see Northern Lights, meet Santa Claus and local Sami people, enjoy husky and reindeer rides, and stay in a glass igloo.
  • Best of Italy: Venice to Amalfi Coast - chart topper every month - a journey that takes you through the must-see places in Italy in just 11 days. You will join a small group tour and explore cities like romantic Venice, artsy Florence, classy Rome and the iconic Vatican and then wander to the south of Italy and see the gems of Pompeii, Amalfi, and Sorrento.

Itineraries created: 3.587

This number might not mean much to you, but it means a lot to us. The growing number represents the hard work that our travel specialists put into designing tailor-made travel plans. We have to admit, the expanding team is also a factor contributing to the increase in itineraries since October. If you have dreams to explore Europe, feel free to contact our specialists and your itinerary will be part of this number in December's Month in Review.

Travel advice shared in November

We don't know if you noticed, but if you visit the "Trip Planner" section, you will be able to find a travel guide for Italy - a comprehensive collection of travel advice, including topics like why you should visit the destination, when is the best time to do so, how to get there, what dishes to try when you are there and many more answers to popular questions that travelers raise when they think about traveling to sunny Italy.

If you wish to learn more about an Eastern destination - Russia, then head to our Youtube channel, where our representative Vera, explains the national Russian holiday calendar, gives advice on the top eateries for Saint Petersburg and talks you through the different type of Trans-Siberian programs you can choose with us and ends the month with a highlight - showing you which Russian souvenirs are great gifts for bringing back home. So, make yourself a cup of tea and turn on our channel - Firebird on Youtube.

What's new in our tours

Oh boy, have we got news for you! The last couple of months, our product development team were busy bees, creating logistical arrangments for new destinations like Romania, Croatia, United Arab Emirates, and even Israel. More than ten new tours were launched over the last few weeks, but what was really groundbreaking are the new Value Programs - the less intensive touring programs that can suit any budget or travel preferences. You can choose from private or small group tours to our most sought-after destination like Russia and explore the stunning capitals of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, or go for private Italy exploration and visit five famous destinations there in 8 days including Milan, Verona, Venice, Florence, and Rome. Last, but not least you have a few multi-country programs, so you could get to know couple cultures in one-go while you are in Europe, like France and Germany tour, or a couple programs that include France, Germany and Italy combination.

Our product team didn't stop with value programs, they launched our first ever small group tour to Germany - Best of Berlin & Munich - a 7-day trip that starts in Berlin, showing you around the most famous landmarks, and then continues to the historic city of Potsdam, formerly known as part of Prussia, then you make your way to Munich where you enjoy a comprehensive city tour and end your time on a high note, a place that everyone talks about - Neuschwanstein Castle, located amongst the picturesque Bavarian Alps. How great is this program?

To end news from our development team on a high note too - you can now reserve our most popular programs with an Early Bird discount for 2020. Contact us to claim yours!

Review of the month

As we like to keep up with our monthly traditions, here is a super fresh feedback from our lovely client Theresa who went to Europe with us:

"Having experienced the expertise of Firebird for two fantastic European adventures, I can only say they are absolutely amazing. In October of 2017 -- 5 of us did a private tour of Italy and the trip was all we hoped for and more. Every detail was carefully taken care of by Firebird. When we decided to do a trip this October (2018), we immediately contacted Firebird, let them know we wanted to visit London, Paris, and Portugal and they simply took care of everything while considering our interests and likes. There are never any problems, drivers are always "there" and on time and tour guides are so well informed and interesting and hotels are always perfect. Should you need to contact the European team while traveling, the response is immediate. We are already thinking of next October's trip, and, of course, will have Sim and Firebird take care of our needs. " - Theresa Greenhaw via Trustpilot

To summarize, November was a great month! We created even more travel itineraries, helped travelers explore the north and south of Europe, with our most popular programs consisting of sightseeing in Italy, chasing Northern Lights in Finland and cruising through spectacular fjords in Norway. Our product development team brought a lot of new stuff, with the highlights being small group tour in Germany, value programs and, of course, the EARLY BIRD discount for 2020. We are excited to see what the end of the year will bring, let's keep in touch!