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Find out what Firebird Tours has been up to lately and learn about all the latest updates, including popular travel destination trends among our clients, updates from our travel specialists, and more!


Month in Review
A few days ago we were all clinking champagne glasses and wishing each other a prosperous year ahead, but we felt like something was missing. So, let's do it together by reviewing interesting Firebird statistics and summarizing travel trends of 2018!
It's December already, and as much as we'd have liked to go straight into the heartwarming festivities of the month, there is something we needed to take care of beforehand. Yes, as the title reveals it - we continue with our monthly tradition of reviewing travel trends and news at the end of each month.
As we leave October behind it's time to have a final look over the shoulder to evaluate how successful the month has been. It's always useful to monitor the travel trends and wishes of our clients, including destinations they have booked to visit and the countries they have been already discovering during the middle of Fall, today we want to share it with you! We also use these monthly blog posts to recap on the updates we shared with you, which usually include - interesting travel reads from our blog, entertaining videos releases on our Youtube channel and most of all - new tours we published on the website. So, let's roll.
We're writing this post on a gloomy Friday morning at one of our offices in Vilnius (the capital of Lithuania, which has four distinctive seasons) wishing it was summer again. But it's not, and we need to come to terms and make the most of this colorful fall. Anyway, that's what we're planning to do today! So if you're experiencing fall blues just like us, grab a cup of coffee and let's chat about traveling! Well more specifically - about which places our travelers explored this month, where they plan to go and how many itineraries we have sent already, and of course - what's new on our blog, so let's dive in!
Even though it is difficult to part our ways with summer, the ending of the month also means that we get to update you on what we have been up to during the sunny days of August, and we enjoy it almost just as much as planning your trips. So, if you are ready to learn which destinations our travelers were exploring this month and where they are planning to go next season, as well as the number of different itineraries we sent to our clients and the hottest news from our blog and channel - let's get down to it!
Can you believe that two-thirds of summer is already gone? We can't! Today we are here to reveal which destinations were amongst the most traveled to in July, which tours our customers are choosing for the Fall season as well as some exciting news from the blog! So get yourself a cup of tea (or coffee) and let's catch up!
Welcome to Summer! We are excited to share our first summery Month in Review post, and by now we expect you to know the gist. If not, let us quickly recap the process. We start with top destinations that travelers are exploring as you read this post, then we continue to see what were the most booked tours over the course of last month. In addition, we count how many itineraries our destination specialists sent out to clients and review the updates from our Product Development team, finishing the post with a quick glance at the blog section and top reviews. So let's dive in the Firebird news from June!
It's the last day of Spring, so as everyone else is doing their last preparation works for summer, we would also like to jump on the bandwagon and take care of one last thing - evaluate how May compares to previous months. So, welcome back to our monthly segment on the Firebird blog - Month in Review - where we count how many itineraries we crafted, analyze which destinations were among our travelers' favorites, share updates from the blog and see what our travelers had to say during the month of May!