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Can you believe that two-thirds of summer is already gone? We can't! This summer has been filled with joy, warmth, and sunshine, or as we call it here at Firebird Tours - vacation mood!

So today, we are here to reveal which destinations were amongst the most traveled to in July, which tours our customers are choosing for the Fall season, as well as some exciting news from the blog!

Top Destinations for Traveling in July

As we all know, July is known for the high-temperature weather throughout the month, so travelers need to choose wisely where they want to spend well-deserved vacation time, to make sure they enjoy every minute. After carrying out a small internal study, we can say for sure that the list of destinations that our travelers chose to explore during the hottest time of the year includes:

  • Scandinavia - summertime in the Northern part of Europe is not boiling hot like in other parts of the continent;
  • Russia - The largest country in the world is rich in climate zones so there is always something to discover in the most perfect weather conditions;
  • Portugal - This destination is the hottest from the list, but - very popular, especially amongst the travelers who come from the colder parts of the world;
  • France - Last on our list is a country that has something to offer all year round. Visiting the French Riviera is a great idea.

Most Popular Tours of the Month

July is a popular time to go on a sunny vacation but is also an excellent time to book a trip for the colder months of the Fall and Winter seasons. Our customers seemed to have preferred Italy as their number one choice for the upcoming travel season with three tours to the romantic destination topping our chart. One exploring the most iconic cities, one taking you up north, and one combining the Italian experience with Switzerland's highlights. Surprisingly, Russia hasn't lost its charm amongst the travelers after the FIFA season is over, with two tours making the list:

  • Italian Cultural Capitals - a 9-day private, guided exploration of the best in Italy, with days in Venice, Florence, Rome, and the Vatican;
  • Northern Italy - during the all-embracing 10-day private tour witness the beautiful Lake Como and Lake Garda as well as the best of Milan alongside Venice and Verona;
  • Italy and Switzerland -13-day private tour includes stops at Venice Verona and Como as well as the Swiss gems - Lugano, Lucerne, and Zurich, all topped by the ride on the world's steepest railway passing through Alpine meadows;
  • Trans-Siberian - real adventure awaits if you embark on the 17-day Trans-Siberian rail tour crossing one-third of the world, departing from Moscow and finishing in Ulan Bator (Mongolia);
  • Treasures of Two Capitals - if you prefer to see only the iconic places of Saint Petersburg and Moscow, then the 9-day small group tour to the two Russian capitals is the one for you.

Itineraries created: 1.665

Last month, we celebrated our record-breaking number of itineraries created by our travel experts, and this month we see a small decrease, and that is only because we are super busy organizing trips from the last bunch of travel plans and supporting our travelers throughout their tours. We should also consider that even the travel specialists need time to go on a vacation, right? If you wish to learn what itineraries we are talking about and get one too - Contact your specialist.

Updates from the Blog

Moreover, as we saw the interest in Italy rising amidst our customers we wanted to enlighten them about the experiences and sights that await in the Northern and Southern part of the country with a couple of comparison posts, so they can choose the right journey to Italy for them. In the first part of Northern Italy VS Southern Italy, we discussed the main attractions of the Italian north, which included Tuscany wines, Florence Renaissance, iconic Milan, romantic Verona and Venice, colorful coastal towns and of course the gorgeous lakes. And let's not forget the most-loved Rome! Later we also looked into what the southern region of the country had on offer and wrote about legendary Naples, ancient Pompeii, the sunny Amalfi Coast, charming Sicily, and striking Sardinia, read all about it in the second part. We have also shared our expertise with travelers who want to know where to travel in Morocco in our most recent post alongside with great tips on how to get there and what time to choose for your Moroccan vacation.

Updates from our Youtube Channel

Lastly, our Youtube channel was frequently updated throughout July and we wouldn't want you to miss any of the great content there, so here is a quick summary of what's been happening. As you probably remember from our last month in review post (or if you subscribe to our channel), we sent our rep Vera to join a small group Trans-Siberian tour from one end of Russia to the other, so she continued to document her journey and experience in July with the latest two videos covering her stops in the cities of Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Khabarovsk, and Vladivostok, you can watch the whole series here. After she came back from her trip, we sent her on another Trans-Siberian adventure, this time to explore and report back from Mongolia:


Review of the Month

As we do on a monthly basis, we would like to share another beautiful review from our traveler Amy who just got back from her trip to Italy with us:

"I've never been one for tours but decided to give Firebird a go as we find transport from/to hotels and landmarks etc. to be the most stressful part of a holiday. Safe to say I have been converted - we traveled with Firebird for a week in Italy on a private tour that was custom-made for us. From the initial phone call detailing what we wanted to the trip itself and even the customer service after the trip, the service from Firebird was second to none. While in Italy, we had two group tours and three private tours and absolutely loved the amazing tour guides and the knowledge they shared with us. Our hotels were also incredible and all so centrally located, and the drivers were always punctual and reliable. We loved that we had a lot of spare time to relax and do our own thing and there was a perfect mix of planned activities and free time. I am already looking at going through Firebird tours again for our next holiday and for many future travels. It was the most stress-free and enjoyable holiday I've had in a long time and I will absolutely recommend it to everyone. Thank you!" - Amy Shi via Trustpilot

If you went to Europe with us, make sure to leave us a review for your chance to be featured in our next post!

Taking everything in a nutshell, during the month of July, we have seen a peak in bookings of tours to Italy for fall; Russia remains a sought-after destination even after FIFA. Let's see which surprises August will bring us. Stay tuned!