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We're writing this post on a gloomy Friday morning at one of our offices in Vilnius (the capital of Lithuania, which has four distinctive seasons) wishing it was summer again. But it's not, and we need to come to terms and make the most of this colorful fall. Anyway, that's what we're planning to do today! So if you're experiencing fall blues just like us, grab a cup of coffee and let's chat about traveling! Well more specifically - about which places our travelers explored this month, where they plan to go and how many itineraries we have sent already, and of course - what's new on our blog, so let's dive in!

Top Destinations for Traveling in September

The first month of fall is deemed to be one of the best times to travel - fewer crowds of tourists, less chance of sunburn, and more availability and affordability. Our travelers used this month to discover the Iberian peninsula, witnessing the hot temper of Spain and the sandy beaches of Portugal. Some travelers have also enjoyed camel rides in Morocco, here is the shortlist of the top destinations last month:

  • Morocco - the ultimate hub for sun during fall, from Casablanca to Marrakesh
  • Spain - the country that has it all, from mouthwatering cuisine to unforgettable culture
  • Portugal - the land of Columbus has a lot to show from the historical perspective to breathtaking scenery

Most Popular Tours of the Month

While people are traveling where the sun shines the brightest, when it comes to planning, they are booking trips for a wide range of other destinations. The one pattern that seems visible among our top three most popular tours of September is that both Northern Lights and the Trans-Siberian require to be booked no later than a month before departure. The last program is evidence that Italy is not losing its charm among tourists wanting to explore Europe any time soon.

  • Small Group Trans-Siberian - an unforgettable train journey will last 17 days and will take travelers from mighty Moscow to glorious Kazan, the cradle of Tatar culture, and Ekaterinburg set right on the border of Europe and Asia. Travelers will also stop to enjoy spectacular Lake Baikal and Mongolia.
  • Finnish Lapland & Northern Lights - a 9-day private tour to Finland will start with a guided tour in the capital and continue in Santa's hometown - Rovaniemi. The trip includes authentic winter activities like a snowmobile ride and husky safari, visiting Santa Claus village and of course - witnessing Northern Lights.
  • Best of Italy: Venice to Amalfi Coast - a fantastic 12-day tour will begin with romantic Venice, and it's alluring canals. Then travelers continue to artistic Florence to get an insight into the Renaissance heritage. They also make their way to Eternal Rome and stroll its ancient streets. As a final chord, travelers visit sunny Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.

Itineraries Created: 3.966

Another aspect that we like to track on a monthly basis is how many itineraries our travel specialists create for our clients, and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the number grow. Travel itineraries require a lot of time and effort from both the client and travel specialist as only by working together it is possible to maximize the value and efficiency of the tour program. If you are thinking about traveling to any of our 37+ destinations in Europe and beyond and would like to have a travel itinerary made just for you, contact Firebird Specialists, they will be happy to help!


Updates from the Blog

Last month we gave quite a few treats for our followers, starting with Denmark - our readers had a chance to find out our top 10 experiences in Denmark. Then our readers learned all about European festivals and carnivals, some include human towers (in Spain) and regattas (in Italy) and Vikings (guess where). We ended the month on the Firebird blog with a celebration of World Tourism Day, which was a light-read introduction to the origins of the day and general overview of traveling.


Updates from our Youtube Channel

For those who are unaware - we are frequent Youtubers too! With the help of our rep Vera we attempt to upload fresh travel content to our channel every week, and last month our subscribed had a pleasure to learn why summer can be the Best Time to Travel to Russia and they also had a chance to visit Saint Petersburg and see some of the smiling faces too. Lastly, we ended the month, with a famous landmark of the Venice of the North - Faberge Museum, watch it below:



Review of the Month

We continue our monthly tradition and share a recent review of our clients, who went to Italy with us:


We just returned from Italy and we were so impressed with everything organized by Firebird. The guides met us in the lobby every morning, and all of them were so informative (some art historians) and interesting! The best part was that our outings didn't seem like tours at all, they were more like exploring and learning from friends. They were all really great and brought everything to life. For example, the Colosseum would not have been the same without the gladiator stories and other stories about the king! Also, the guides showed us the best places to eat (and to get gelato!), so we thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing parts of the tours too. 

Additionally, our accommodations were exceptional and our stay in Tuscany was especially enjoyable. Hotel Osteria Dell'Orcia was our favorite place to stay. It was welcoming and beautiful, and the food was just excellent. The pool was fabulous if you have time for it. It was so relaxing, yet with great attention to detail. 

A huge bonus was that we never wasted time standing in lines or navigating a new location, so we were able to really see and experience much more than we could have experienced on our own. I would highly recommend Sim and everyone at Firebird Tours. Everything was perfectly planned and orchestrated. We felt really stress-free during our entire trip. Thank you!

" - Sue Zarish via Trustpilot

If you went to Europe or beyond with us, make sure to leave us a review for your chance to be featured in our next post!


To summarize, during the month of September, our travelers explored sunkissed places like Morocco, Spain, and Portugal. They have also booked tours to see Northern Lights or travel across Russia with our small group Trans-Siberian tours. Additionally, Italy seemed strong in our best-selling tour position with an ultimate adventure in the country's north - from Venice to Amalfi tour. See you next month!