Must-see Places of Switzerland in Summer

Switzerland in Summer

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There’s no traveler in the world who would cast a doubt that a trip to Switzerland is a nice idea during any time of the year. The country, indeed, radiates a unique flair, experiencing the influence of the neighbors and turning it into a fascinating bouquet of distinctive traditions and local trends. 

Why Visit Switzerland in Summer?

Being a perfect destination for winter holidays and providing exceptional opportunities for active sports like skiing, skating, and snowboarding, Switzerland is just as exciting and tempting during the summertime. If winter Switzerland looks more like a formal business costume, summer is a carnival with blazes of color here and there. Just imagine: the sun tenderly warms sparkling Swiss lakes, emerald hills are literally strewn with multicolored flowers, lovely meadows are towered by the majestic Alps… seems like a piece of heaven.

Travelers who have already experienced some winter joys should keep in mind that sports enthusiasts won’t feel disappointed here in the summer either. The best way to dive into all this splendor is by renting a bike or setting off on a scenic hiking tour due to good weather conditions.

Those who prefer to enjoy picturesque views from a comfortable “front-row” seat can hop on one of the panoramic Swiss trains and see even more of the stunning countryside from onboard.

In case you are a peaceful type of traveler and are into the Mediterranean vibe of countries such as Italy or France, we would like you to know that a Switzerland holiday in the summer provides a nice chance to take in a similar lovely atmosphere with smaller crowds. Quite a nice and important point for travelers searching for a tranquil gateway, right?

Moreover, summer is the best season to soak in the famous local outdoor thermal pools and spas and take a ride on the longest thermal water slide in entire Europe coupled with fabulous Alpine views!

Switzerland Weather in Summer

Summer is a rather humid yet warm season in Switzerland. Naturally, the temperatures vary depending on the regions and altitudes.

Thus, the average temperature in the northern part of Switzerland ranges from +19°C (66°F) to +24°C (75°F) during the daytime while in the southern regions the thermometer can fly up to +28°C (82°F) giving way to the swimming season.

Summer in Switzerland

So if you consider the possibility to enjoy yourself on the shores of one of the Swiss lakes, you should be aware that a real tidbit for both locals and travelers is Lake Lugano where the water can warm up to +26°C (79°F) while Lake Geneva and Zurich are more refreshing yet no less scenic spots.

However, in the evenings temperatures can fall tangibly, especially if you hike around some mountain trails as, naturally, the higher you get, the cooler temperatures you’ll experience. So taking a light jacket with you is a wise decision.


Switzerland Places to Visit in Summer

Basically, your Switzerland travel itinerary depends on your touristic ambitions and interests but we can't help but recommend you some attractions and cities in Switzerland to enrich your summer vacation with. Here’s the list of places you should definitely consider:

The Swiss Heart and Soul: Inimitable Zurich

Going to Zurich, don’t let its seemingly small size trick you as the city has a lot to excite you with. Attractively set on the shores of Lake Zurich, this Swiss gem is the best place to start your closer acquaintance with the local lifestyle.

Traditionally, the main Zurich sights are nestled in the old town, so to adore the city’s architectural ensemble you should definitely include such highlights as the Grossmunster Church and Peterskirche to your Zurich travel itinerary.

Summer in Zurich

To join art enthusiasts, take a glance at the marvelous paintings of Monet in the Kunsthaus Museum, plunge into the harmony of magical sounds in the Opera House, and admire the stained glass of Marc Chagall in Fraumunster.

Summers in Zurich are especially pleasant as there are almost 30 bathing areas in the city.

Local beaches are equipped with everything needed for a comfortable pastime: wooden walkways, changing rooms, sunbeds, and umbrellas, and vibrant bars and cafes perfect for the evening chill-out. Plus, Lake Zurich also offers nice opportunities for renting a yacht and swing on its peaceful waves marveling at fabulous views.

Lucerne and its Gorgeous Mountains

If you are striving to travel to Switzerland to take in some jaw-dropping panoramas, summer is, indeed, the best season to make your dreams come true with favorable weather conditions. The true pride of Switzerland is its exceptional Alpine vistas along with one of the most scenic places to immerse in Swiss natural marvels, Lucerne.

An important “must-do” once you’ve checked out the main Lucerne attractions is taking a day-trip to the queen of the mountains, Rigi. In summer, this “Royal Highness” offers more than 100 km (63 mi) of hiking trails of different complexity but similar picturesqueness.

Summer in Lucerne

In case hiking is not your favorite pastime option, the hospitable Swiss have created top-notch infrastructures like huts, cable cars, restaurants, and other facilities. So be sure, you’ll definitely catch your moment of thrill!

Having got inspired by the beauty of the queen, you may prolong your mountain adventure by discovering the splendor of Mount Pilatus, located only a 15-minute ride from Lucerne and imbued with various legends. One of them is connected with Pontius Pilate, the governor of the Roman province of Judaea who presided over the trial of Jesus and whose grave was allegedly located near the mountain. According to the second saying, the caves of Mount Pilatus are home to a red dragon, and locals believe that you can still hear the flapping of his huge wings once you are up.

The Five Lakes Hike near Zermatt

Is Zermatt on your travel radar? If the answer is positive, you are lucky to catch one more appetizing opportunity (apart from marveling at the gorgeous Matterhorn) - setting off on a scenic 5 lakes hike.

The trail going around lakes Stellisee, Grindjisee, Grunsee, Moosjisee, and Leisee will definitely be to the taste of all nature enthusiasts as the trip is accompanied by snow-capped mountain peaks and incredible greenery, providing simply stunning photo backgrounds.

Summer in Swiss lakes

Due to the high elevation, the 5 lakes trail is free of snow only by the end of May which makes summer an ideal time for this kind of trip.

The Top of Europe, Breathtaking Jungfraujoch

This spot is, indeed, worth delaying your journey back home for a couple of days. Yes, we are talking about the queen of all queens, gorgeous Mount Jungfraujoch which is also called the “Top of Europe”.

Just as all nobility, this 3466-meter (11370 ft) beauty is quite moody and does not appear before the eyes of all visitors, often hiding in the blanket of the fog.

The good news is that Jungfraujoch is belted with a cogwheel railway that can easily deliver you up to a different world of icy air and sparkling ice-cream like mountain peaks.

Summer in Jungfraujoch

But remember, even if you travel in summer, the temperatures on the top and at the foot of the mountain may differ by a surprising 20-25°C (68-77°F), so a warm jacket is a must-have!

The Capital of Cosmopolitanism, Geneva

Often confused with the actual capital city of Switzerland (Bern), multifaceted Geneva just can’t be excluded from your Swiss journey. This cosmopolitan city literally brings the world together, being home to the European headquarters of the United Nations as well as to people of different cultures and backgrounds (40% of the city’s population are foreigners). As such, it is not that hard to imagine that Geneva comprises of diverse traditions and national features harmoniously cohabiting together.

Summer in Geneva

Looking calm and reserved at first glance, Geneva has a lot to get you involved. Modern and archaic museums, charming streets and architecture of the old town, sunbathing and walks along the shores of Lake Geneva while enjoying the views of the Jet d'Eau Fountain, tasty restaurant experiences, relaxation in vibrant cafes, and quality shopping… everyone will find something to their liking.

To sum up, we sincerely hope that this piece has inspired you to start planning your ideal Switzerland tour. But if you’re still in two minds or have more questions regarding this beautiful destination, feel free to contact our travel experts who will be glad to give you a hand in creating a tailor-made itinerary of your dreams!