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It’s pretty obvious that Norway is quite rich in natural attractions and you may wonder what other sights to see during your Norway travel.

We want to assure you that apart from the impressive number of natural marvels the country has a lot in store to display and please your eyes with. So what are the other things Norway is proud of?

Norway Tourist Attractions You Can't Miss

Munch Museum

Norwegian art definitely has its own special features and deserves your close attention. If you are an art lover and enjoy spending time, examining sophisticated masterpieces in detail, then you just can’t exclude the Munch Museum, housing more than half of the paintings and the majority of Edvard Munch's print motifs.

Munch Museum


One more place that won’t leave you indifferent is Vigelandsparken. Just imagine that Frogner Park is the largest sculpture park in the world, created by one single artist, Gustav Vigeland. The collection of sculptures is more than extensive, including at least 200 bronze, granite and wrought iron sculptures.

Frogner park

Fun Fact
The exhibition focuses on such important themes as circle of life, the interaction between people, and their personal emotions.


If you plan to head to the former capital of Norway, Trondheim, you’ll be lucky to witness the northernmost medieval cathedral on our planet, Nidarosdomen. Apart from majestic appearance, the structure complies some highly important functions, housing the king’s crown, serving as the coronation residence and being the grave church of the patron of Norway, St. Olav.


Viking Ship Museum

One more essential part of any trip to Scandinavia is learning about adventurous sailors and warriors, Norwegian Vikings. Probably, there’s no a better way to get a closer insight into the customs and lifestyle of this legendary tribe than exploring their ship, don’t you think? For that purpose, we strongly recommend to pop in the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. It preserves several Viking ships and, oh yes, even some remains of the people buried there.

Viking Ship Ropes

Treasure of the Museum
The museum's legendary jewel is the full-size Oseberg ship, well-known as the main character of one of the most massive ship burials in history.

Floibanen funicular

Want to see all of Bergen at once? The Floibanen funicular will simply make your wish come true. This cable car takes all those wishing up to Mount Floyen and provides stunning view of Bergen from 320 metres above the sea level.

Floibanen Funicular

The list of unmissable Norway treasures can literally continue forever. Feel inspired to explore its wonders during your unforgettable Scandinavia vacation?Contact our travel specialist to start planning your saturated Norway getaway!