Norway Drinks

Norway Drinks

Norwegian drinks to try while in Norway

There’s no need to mention that today the most favorite drink of Norwegians is coffee and they drink it at any time of the day and in huge quantities. Apart from coffee, different kinds of tea, herbal and apple drinks with honey are popular thus are recommended to taste during your trip to Norway.

Other Norwegian non-alcoholic and soft drinks worthy of mentioning are Solo, an orange flavored beverage, and, without a doubt, the most well-known bottled artesian drinking water in the world - Voss water.

As for alcoholic beverages, the top Norwegian spirit drink is definitely Aquavit, also often called Akvavit. This Norwegian liquor is derived from potatoes and grain and is traditionally consumed during celebrations like Christmas and weddings.

Considering the fact that the majority of the year is dominated by comparatively cold weather, Glogg has also gained popularity among locals and travelers. This delicious beverage is made from red wine and mulling spices, like cinnamon, citrus and star aniseed and served hot. It’s just a great way to get in the mood and warm up during colder months or chilly evenings.

Of course, the well-known brand Pilsner is among the most famous Norwegian beers. Interestingly, there are breweries producing unique beer in towns as small as Flam where tasting different types of local Ægir beer is a favored activity among tourists.


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