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It has been incredibly momentous years for all film lovers. But among dozens of great movies, animated films, and TV series there are but two spectacular ones - Disney's Frozen and The Vikings. You are probably puzzled by our choice, but you don't need to be.

They have one big thing in common - both are showcasing the beauty & grandeur of Norway's history, natural scenery, and culture. Watching them before your trip is simply a must!

Don't lose your footprints Iin the land of Frozen

Let's admit it, it's difficult to find a human being who hasn't heard about Disney's phenomenal musical Frozen, a cartoon that is among the most successful animated films of all times.

Brick houses in Bergen, Norway

It has been more than a year since Disney's Frozen hit the theaters, but the film still seems to be on everyone's mind. Set in Arendelle, a fictional kingdom in Norway, Frozen shows a gorgeous landscape of lakes, waterfalls, breathtaking mountains, and magnificent fjords. Michael Giaimo, art director of the film, traveled to Norway for research and used Bergen as a reference point for the kingdom of Arendelle.

Norwegian Inspiration
Akershus Fortress, the traditional folk dancing costumes, the snowy peaks and valleys surrounding cozy towns, small fishing villages and breathtaking cliffs - all of these historical, cultural, and natural wonders of Norway were an inspiration for Frozen. Even the name of everybody’s new favorite snowman was inspired by the stunning St. Olaf’s church in Balestrand.

Can you hear the sound of the Norn?

The fans of the historical drama Vikings that were inspired by the tales of the raiding, trading, and exploring medieval Scandinavia can't wait for the 3rd season premiere on February 19th. During the new season, the Vikings TV series keeps following the exploits of the legendary Viking chieftain Ragnar Lodbrok - one of the best known mythological Nordic heroes and his crew and family. Producer Morgan O’Sullivan said:

“We want the Vikings to look authentic and are therefore looking for Scandinavian actors with the Viking look,” and then he added: “Most of the series will be filmed in a studio in Ireland, but we want to use the Norwegian Fjords for the most spectacular natural images and scenes with the Vikings in their original environment.”

Vikings on the raid in Norway

Thus, if you've ever wondered how does it feel to be in the shoes of the Vikings and to witness the times when history was made you should definitely visit their original stunning environment in Norway.

Of course, the best way to experience Norway and to understand what inspired the creators of Frozen and Vikings is to see it yourself. Norway truly is a magical place both on- and off-screen. We will be happy to see you on one of our amazing journeys: The Ultimate Norway (available as private package or small group tour) and The Vikings Heritage theme adventure.