Norwegian Celebrations and Festivals

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It's natural that every country in the world has its own special traditions and celebrations, and Norway is not an exception. Of course, Norwegians, like most European nations, respect the tradition to celebrate Christmas and New Year and consider them the main family holidays, as it’s the time when all relatives gather under one roof near the fireplace to exchange presents and spend lovely time together.

Of course, Norway vacation before Christmas is a magical experience as the whole country is unified by the merry spirit and fairytale atmosphere. Christmas markets, various concerts, cheerful people...what a lovely time! If you decide to visit Norway in December, don’t forget to learn how to say Merry Christmas in Norwegian. You should greet people with the words ‘god jul’!

However, if you want to catch some local festive days during your Norway travel, here’s a list of national Norway holidays and festivals you would definitely love to be a part of.

Brief overview of Norwegian celebrations and festivals

Norwegian Constitution day

The day of the Constitution is a national holiday that is held on the 17th of May. Norway’s national day is the celebration of national pride and respect. The nation organizes various festive events and mass merrymaking on the streets of Norwegian cities. By the way, this is the day when you can get the chance to see Norwegian royalty as the Royal family always comes out to greet hundreds of cheering Norwegians and join the celebration.

St. Olaf’s Day

July 29th marks the day of St. Olaf, the patron of Norway. Having more than a 900-year history, this festive day is still loved among the nation. Originally the King, later the Saint, Olaf continues to play a significant role on the culture of Norway. Basically, Olosk, the second name of St. Olaf’s day, is celebrated with festivals across the country when people commemorate Olaf by singing, dancing and organizing costume performances about the life and merits of this outstanding person.



If you desire to get both, amazing scenery and a great time on one of the largest music festivals in Europe, welcome to Bergen!

This lively event takes place in mid-June and provides the opportunity to get the best of international and Norwegian music.

Moreover, the location chosen for holding the event is just mind-blowing. Just imagine that you’ll be able to enjoy music hits on the grounds of a medieval fortress, which is the UNESCO World Heritage site, in the very heart of Bergen. Quite a memorable experience, don’t you think?


Northern Lights festival

When planning Norway holidays to see the Northern Lights, you can’t overlook the major Norwegian city inside the Arctic Circle, Tromso. World-famous Northern Lights festival is held from January 26 to February 2 which are the best days for witnessing this natural light show and get unforgettable memories of a lifetime. In addition, the festival implies symphonic concerts, chamber music and audiovisual art exhibitions.

Rakfisk festival in Fagernes

Want not only to see but also to get the taste of the country during the Norway trip? If you plan to visit Norway in November, don’t miss the Rakfisk Festival, hosted in Fagernes. Originally, it appeared as a small local celebration, but nowadays the tiny village in the valley of Valdres receives about 20000 guests every year. During the festival fish fans from all over the world are welcome to try delicious trout and char as well as to enjoy the picturesque surroundings of Fagernes.