UAE Travel Guide: Oasis of The Future

UAE Travel Guide: Oasis of The Future

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It’s very hard to believe that only half a century ago the citizens of the United Arab Emirates lived in the middle of a huge desert and rode camels. Nowadays this unique vibrant country has become one of the leading world states!

Sparkling skyscrapers, top-rated hotels, policemen moving around on Ferraris and Bentleys, gold bricks available for purchase in simple vending machines… the United Arab Emirates is a synonym to wealth and luxury. In this piece, we would like to give you a chance to take a squiz at the glory and magnificence the country possesses and inspire you to start planning unforgettable UAE travel of your own.

Brief Yet Bright UAE History

The United Arab Emirates is one of the “youngest” countries in the world. Having strong ties with Britain which dominated the territory of the future UAE since the beginning of the 19th century, the land was known as the Trucial States and had no right to make any treaties with other states in exchange for British protection. Only when the British empire became too exhausted both politically and economically and decided to abandon the area of the Persian Gulf, the emirates agreed to join their forces.

Desert UAE

The establishment of the federative state took place on December 2nd, 1971 when 6 emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, and Fujairah) merged, and the seventh one, Ras al Khaimah, joined the others a little later, on February 10th, 1972.

A real push for the development of wealth and stable growth was the discovery of oil in the region which became one of the crucial moments in the destiny of the UAE.

Under the talented rule of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who became the first president of the state, the United Arab Emirates experienced dramatic economic growth, putting the UAE in one row with the countries having the highest standards of living.


In fact, a lot of measures have been taken to improve the lives of local residents: building new houses, hospitals, schools, and roads, the import of food, as well as desalination of water have produced a revolutionary effect.

Nowadays, the UAE is a country of millionaires! To avoid its dependence on the oil industry, the government has made a wise decision to differentiate the economy and invest money in various projects around the world.

The UAE finances some companies in the construction and tourism sector as well as the development of agriculture and the field of trade.

Thus, in only 50 years, the United Arab Emirates has made a revolutionary leap in all areas and become one of the most thriving states of the world!

Dizzying Dubai

It is not for nothing that we are starting our tale about the most interesting attractions of the UAE from gorgeous Dubai. Being on everyone’s lips and heating imagination with the pictures of stunning palaces and mind-blowing skyscrapers, Dubai can probably compete with the UAE capital for the title of the major city of the country. Wondering why the city has become a real game-changer in the Middle East and the world?

Dubai Gardens

An ambitious metropolis wrapped into Arabic splendor, Dubai represents a mixture of futuristic vision and everlasting traditions.

Dubai travel is just like a journey to the modern version of the “One Thousand and One Nights” fairytale which has it all: posh palaces and majestic mosques, bustling eastern markets, and enchanting gardens that will become a perfect background for the journey of your dreams.

Being an exclusive attraction on its own, Dubai prepares new surprises for its residents and guests every day as the emirate offers some truly unexpected leisure options like a roofed-in ski resort in the middle of the eternal boiling hot summer, a huge aquarium with thousands of marine animals, various top-class exhibitions and festivals, all adorned by the skyline of man-made islands and dizzying skyscrapers.

the Symbol of Dubai

The non-replaceable symbol of Dubai is naturally the Burj Khalifa, an 830-meter (2723-feet) skyscraper which is currently the highest building on the planet and the real pride of the UAE.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

The massive complex includes hotels, apartments, shopping areas, restaurants, and observation points so you not only have the opportunity to get inside the giant structure but also marvel at the stunning views over Dubai and its famous Palm Jumeirah island.

Several observation areas are open for tourists for a fee, they are located on the 124th and 148th floors of the building and even have some parts out in the open air. The latter observation deck is called “At the Top of Burj Khalifa” and is currently the highest viewpoint in the entire world, not to mention the fact that the super modern elevator can take you all the way up in less than 1 minute!

One-of-a-kind 7-star hotel

The list of the world’s record-holders is also enriched by the one and only 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab in Jumeirah as well as the largest shopping center on the globe, the Dubai Mall which is often compared to a city and called a paradise for shopaholics. See? Dubai is all about the scale and chic!


Highly respecting the national customs, Dubai is a cosmopolitan citadel which is perfectly embodied in the iconic Jumeirah Mosque. Gracefully set aside from the huge glass buildings, inspiring Jumeirah is the only mosque in the city which opens its doors for non-Muslim visitors, meaning that everyone can touch upon the eternal local traditions.

And, of course, Dubai will delight travelers with its outstanding recreational opportunities, adding one more reason to set off on a Dubai trip. The dynamic metropolis boasts a myriad of spotless beaches with entertainment options for literally every taste!

Astonishing Abu Dhabi

The opulent heart of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, can seem to concede to sparkling and glamorous Dubai but let’s not jump into hasty conclusions as appearances may be deceptive! Abu Dhabi is the richest among all the 7 emirates and it simply doesn't need all those skyscrapers’ competitions nor the extra hype. Dignified Abu Dhabi radiates a more respectable vibe avoiding the excessive hustle.

The majority of Abu Dhabi attractions is located on Yas Island, treating its guests with a mind-blowing range of diverse experiences. A themed park Yas Waterworld, the indoor Warner Bros. amusement park, Yas Marina Circuit, and, of course, the Ferrari World are only the beginning of the hit-parade of thrilling things that can make you lose track of time during your Abu Dhabi travel.

Abu Dhabi Mosque

Apart from exciting roller coasters and race tracks, Abu Dhabi also houses some exceptional sights that won’t make you scream with excitement yet leave you with no words at all.

One of them is the iconic landmark, the glaring Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, you just can’t miss seeing.

Abu Dhabi Mosque

We’ve dodged a little saying that Adu Dhabi needs no records nor competitions, and only one glance at the majestic mosque will be enough to convince you.

Being the largest mosque in the UAE, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is an ideal place to marvel at stunning Islamic architecture and capture the unity of world cultures.

A Louvre from a Different World

In case you are a fan of the French Louvre or just art in general, you will be absolutely stunned by Abu Dhabi’s artistic potential. Did you know that Adu Dhabi actually has its own Louvre? Opened in 2017, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is a real innovation, from the sophisticated exterior appearance to the uniqueness of the collections housed inside.

Abu Dhabi Louvre

Aside from the Louvre, Abu Dhabi boasts the Folklore Gallery, the Zayed Heritage Center, and other nice spots which can guarantee that your Abu Dhabi trip will be saturated.

The capital of the Emirates doesn't lack in coastal pleasures either. In fact, local beaches stand among the cleanest and most comfortable ones in the world. To experience the quality, we advise to relax on the Saadiyat public beach or the central beach of Abu Dhabi. And mentioning some popular UAE day trips, save some time for an exciting desert safari on jeeps or camel caravans. Be sure, you won't feel disappointed!

Ultimate UAE Travel Tips

Being a country of illimitable wealth and overwhelming luxury, the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim state, and its citizens highly honor and strictly obey the conventional rules.

Thus, coming to this country, travelers should remember some norms they should respect in order not to get in an uncomfortable situation or even in trouble.

Clothing Tips

The first and most important tip concerns clothing. Yes, the climate in the UAE is defined as the desert one, providing hot, sometimes boiling summers and warm winters. But even if the temperatures rise up to 40°C (104°F), locals do not wear any revealing clothes so nor should you!

Dubai people

Avoid extremely short skirts and shorts and don’t wear sports or beach outfits in public places.

Of course, the rules are more loyal to tourists (especially on the territories of hotels) and do not oblige to cover the body from head to toe like the local women do but still, opt for modest and unprovoking clothes when packing your suitcase for an upcoming UAE tour.

Travel Tip:
The best time to travel to the UAE is from October to April as the summer months can demonstrate just extreme temperatures. For this purpose, prudent citizens of the UAE have developed a vast system of air-conditioning. Thus, you can find conditioners particularly everywhere: in the subway, taxicabs, and even at the bus stations.

The General Norms of Behavior

Speaking about the general norms of behavior, it is considered bad etiquette to dance, listen to music out loud, and even kiss each other on the streets. In other words, any demonstration of provocative behavior is an extremely bad idea. Apart from that, the UAE has a ban on smoking and consumption of alcoholic drinks in public places as these actions may lead to heavy fines and even arrests.

Dubai people

One more “don’t” deals with photoshoots. In case you plan to take a couple of pictures by some government institutions or sheiks’ palaces, no matter how beautiful they can look, remember that it is strictly forbidden and may become the reason for conflicts.

The observance of the instructions mentioned above can help you to spend a worry-free vacation in the United Arab Emirates without any unpleasant surprises as forewarned is forearmed!

Travel Tip:
The official UAE currency is the UAE dirham (1AED = 0.27USD). You can easily exchange money at one of the currency exchange offices or use debit/credit cards of an international standard which are commonly acceptable at local shops, hotels, restaurants ect. In many restaurants tipping is already included in the total price however if the service charge is not mentioned in the menu, it is a good courtesy to leave a tip of 10% of the total amount which will be greatly appreciated.

To sum up, the United Arab Emirates is a perfect glamorous playground which harmoniously combines profound traditions, a cosmopolitan vibe, and a confident outlook for the future which can’t fail to amaze. Thus, if you are as excited to take a trip to the country of the future as we are, don’t hesitate to contact our travel specialists who will love to give you a hand in putting together your ideal UAE tour package!