Popular Train Routes in Norway


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Hopping on a train is definitely one of the smartest options to tour fantastic Norway. On this page, you will find out about the most traveled routes in Norway, so that you can see the best what this charming region has to offer.

Travel Norway by Train

If you have a look on the Norway map, you'll see how diverse the Norwegian relief is. Mountains almost touching the sky, deep blue fjords, meandering rivers... the scenery is just extremely dramatic and alluring.

One of the best ways to explore picturesque Norway landmarks is to set off on a railway journey. Norway has an extensive and well-developed railway network that covers more than 3000 km of beautiful landscapes worth discovering. But what are the most popular train routes in Norway?

About Norwegian Railway
Norway has an extensive and well-developed railway network that covers more than 3000 km of beautiful landscapes worth discovering.

Oslo to Bergen Train Route

A famous segment of Norwegian railroads is the Bergen Railway (Bergensbanen). It is considered to be one of the most scenic train routes in the world. Basically, the journey from Oslo to Bergen, and reverse, takes around 7 hours during which you’ll be able to witness the surreal views of Hardangervidda highlands, the highest mountain plateau in Europe.

Railway in Norway

Flam Railway

Being the 20 km long branch segment of the Bergen Line, Flamsbana railway runs through the stunning valley of Flamsdalen and, having a train change in a tiny village of Myrdal, connects the mainline with the deepest and most postcard-like Norway fjord, Sognefjord. Flam Railway provides just breathtaking landscapes, definitely worth the ride. You can get to Flam from both the capital city of Norway, Oslo, as well as Bergen.

Flamsbana Railway

Flamsbana Railway
While traveling from Myrdal station to the cozy village of Flam, adventurers have an amazing opportunity to enjoy breathtaking sceneries passing by the outside of the train window. Monumental mountains, waterfall cascades, and crystal clear rivers - what's not to love?

Voss Train Journey

The homeland of the world-famous brand of Voss water, a tiny town of Voss is another Norwegian gem, waiting for your visit. Embraced by snowy mountains, valleys and waterfalls, the place is located in great proximity to the largest Norway fjords, Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord, and can be reached by train from Oslo and Bergen. The route from Oslo to Voss takes about 5.5 hours and the one from Bergen to Voss - a bit more than an hour.

Norway Fjords

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