Popular Train Routes in Russia

Popular Train Routes in Russia

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Russia is a very impressive and vast country. Its infinite lands are laced with numerous picturesque train routes that leave an impression for a lifetime: lush forests, blue lakes and rivers, scenic low lands and countryside - whatever experience you are going for in Russia, all this will spice it up immensely!

Popular Russian Train Routes

Vast and magnificent, Russia borders 16 countries, 12 seas, and offers some of the best countryside views in the world. It is home to Eurasia's largest active volcano (the Klyuchevskay Sopka), the deepest lake (the Lake Baikal), and the largest taiga on the planet (the Siberian taiga). And even though taking a plane is the fastest way to travel Russia, a train ride is, without a doubt, the most spectacular.

The Moscow - St. Petersburg Railway

One of the most popular Russian train routes connects picturesque Moscow and breathtaking Saint Petersburg. The second oldest train railway in Russia promises to take you between the two legendary Russian cities in 3 and a half hours on a high-speed Sapsan train. You can find out more about the route's fascinating history and the myth of the Moscow - St. Petersburg railway.

Moscow - St. Petersburg Quick Info

  • Travel time: 3,5 h
  • Distance: 635 km (395 mi)

The Moscow - Kazan Railway

No list of the Russian most popular routes will be complete without the Moscow - Kazan railway. It stretches for 790 km (490 mi) and can take you from Moscow's city center to the heart of the third capital of Russia, Kazan, in a bit more than 11 hours.

But keep in mind that this information might no longer be valid in the nearest future because the Russian railway is planning to launch a train that can go at the speed of 360 km/h (225 mi/h) and cover this distance in almost unbelievable 3 and a half hours.

Moscow - Kazan Quick Info

  • Travel time: 11 h
  • Distance: 790 km (490 mi)

The Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod Railway

The Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod railway is also among the most popular routes. It covers the distance of 440 km (273 mi) and promises to take you between the cities in 3 and a half hours.

But keep in mind that there are several trains to choose from, the time of your journey depends on the train you have selected and can vary from 3 hrs 30 min to 6 hrs 40 min.

Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod Quick Info

  • Travel time: 3,5 h
  • Distance: 440 km (273 mi)

Trans-Siberian Railway

And, of course, the gem of the Russian train routes is the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway. Built in 1916, it covers 9062 km (5631 mi), almost a third of the way around the planet! Even 100 years later it is still the longest daily-serviced railway in the world.

A person going from Moscow to Vladivostok enjoys a week onboard a comfortable modern train, crosses 7 time zones, and makes stops in dozens of major Russian cities. Exploring fairytale Russia on board a train is a truly unforgettable experience and our travel specialists will be happy to offer you the Trans-Siberian Railway tour of your dreams!

Trans-Siberian Railway Quick Info

  • Travel time: 6 d 0 hrs 22 min
  • Distance: 9062 km (5631 mi)

Railroad journeys are one of the best ways to explore Russia from the inside. Thanks to a broad railway network, every traveler has a great opportunity of discovering the most secluded corners of the country. Whether it is a quick and relaxing journey from Moscow to St. Petersburg or extreme and inspiring Trans-Siberian travel, you'll enjoy every second of it.