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It's no April Fools joke - we're back with our long-awaited segment where we review what's been happening in our Firebird Tour offices around the globe. We are about to find out how successful our Sales Team were in crafting itineraries over the past few months.

We will learn what tours topped the best-seller charts and if there were any new ones added to our list. Finally, we'll get a chance to read the quarter's review and catch up on the travel advice shared recently. There's a lot on the agenda, so let's dive in!

Most Popular Tours of the Quarter

The top travel programs that stuck around for the past three months and have been booked by quite a few travelers covered Italy, Russia, and Scandinavia:

  1. Scandinavian Capitals and Fjords - Discover nature's Northern masterpieces with our private tour to Scandinavia. Explore the beauty of gorgeous Scandinavian fjords and incredible towns in just 10 days.
  2. Treasures of Two Capital - Enjoy top sights of Moscow & St. Petersburg from the splendor of the Red Square and Kremlin to Peterhof and the iconic Catherine's Palace with our tailor-made private 9-day tour.
  3. Italy Cultural Capitals - Private 9-day program that takes you to romantic Venice, the motherland of the Renaissance, Florence, and to beautiful Rome with treasures like the Colosseum and the Spanish Steps.

The common pattern visible from the tour program names is that they all are mentioning Capitals. You can never go wrong by visiting spectacular cities like Rome, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, and other capitals in Northern Europe. Traveling the unbeaten paths is terrific, and we highly advise travelers to book such tours, however, if you are visiting the country for the first time, it's an absolute must to discover the heart of it - its capital.

Itineraries Created: 9.026

If you have ever had a tour itinerary made for you, or tried crafting one yourself, you might know how much work and effort goes into each one of them. So, imagine multiplying that by 9 thousand! Of course, being travel experts in Europe, it doesn't take us that long to design the perfect itineraries for our clients, but we always aim to keep our standards high.

If you wish to receive an itinerary for somewhere in Europe, make sure to sign up here, and your travel plan will be part of the numbers we'll count next quarter.

What's New in Our Tours

Our team who works on developing new tours and sourcing out suppliers, and expanding our travel menu for the travelers were busy bees the past few months. The Product Development Department created a few new programs for France, Italy, and Russia as well as a couple of updates on the Scandinavian region, take a look:

  1. France Wine Tour - a private 14-day program full of wine-tasting and French sightseeing. You would visit Alsace, Burgundy, Provence, Bordeaux & Champagne regions.
  2. Umbria & Tuscany - from hilly countryside vineyard views in Tuscany to spectacular destinations in Umbria - see it all during your private 10-day program to Italy
  3. Treasures of Two Capitals - travelers to Russia can now choose from 7-day, 9-day or 11-day small group tours to the famous destination.
  4. Scandinavian Small Group - our popular small group itineraries for Scandinavian capitals now have options for a 10-day and 12-day duration.

Other news from tour Development Team includes new variations for the Essential Norway small group tour as well as a new tour for travelers dreaming about visiting Stockholm, Helsinki & St. Petersburg. Furthermore, travelers to Scandinavia can also request for a visa-free Saint Petersburg trip extension.

We can't wait to see what's next to come from our tour developers!

Travel Advice Shared Over the Past Few Months

Over the past few months, our blog visitors had a chance to learn about an array of countries and their cultures. Starting with Russia, in January and March, we have looked into the western part of the country, with the posts about Tretyakov Gallery and the Golden Ring (just outside the capital) as well as Veliky Novgorod - a historic place, outside Saint Petersburg. You can find the most recent travel advice for Russia here.

We then moved towards the countries located centrally in Europe and looked at what travelers can get up to during the colder months in Switzerland and what is there to discover in the Imperial Capitals of Vienna, Prague, and Budapest.

In the southern part of the continent, we discussed the cities you won't want to miss in Italy's Amalfi and both the regions of Spain. Later looking at its neighbor France, we advised on the best ways to travel the country and then looked at the culture and traditions of Blooming Netherlands.

Lastly, we even covered the travel in Iceland, creating a handy travel guide for the country in the hope that more and more travelers will wish to explore the land of impressive waterfalls and Northern Lights.

Review of the Quarter

Karl Le Claire came back from a private tour to Sicily and shared their opinion:

"My Firebird rep. Enrika did an excellent job working with me to plan our individualized private trip/tour to Sicily. Each driver transporting us from airport to hotel, city to city, and early morning to Airport home were: On time, great drivers, knowledgeable on the area, their culture, food, and celebrations. They all spoke excellent English and were just all-around nice and professional. Like the drivers, the individual city walking tour guides were on time, experts on the city's history, art, architecture, and festivals, spoke great English, and were just as interested in us. We had a great time with each of them. Finally, the hotels were fantastic! They were centrally located, 4-5 star quality, modern interiors with a caring staff that gave great directions and restaurant ideas. At every turn, we were impressed with what Firebird had done for us. Grazie Tutto" - Karl Le Claire's review on TrustPilot.

Taking everything into account, we can confidently state that these past few months were productive here at Firebird Tours. Our Development Team has announced exciting releases, Destination Specialists reached new records in assisting clients and planning their travels, and our Content Team has spoiled our readers with multiple accounts. Let's catch up in a few months!