Quarter in Review: July | August | September

Quarter in Review: July | August | September

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Oh, how time flies! Here we are again, reflecting on the ups and downs of the last several months. It's always a good thing to learn from your mistakes, however, we're happy to say that these past three months have brought an abundance of new ideas, new goals to achieve, and new destinations for you to explore!

Before embarking on any further adventures, let's take a quick look at the most popular destinations, tours, and itineraries of July, August, and September.

Most popular tours of the quarter

Even though the situation didn't change much throughout the last few months, considering the most popular destinations, some minor changes can be seen. Scandinavia and Russia are still located at the top of the throne, with the "Northern Lights Adventure" and "Treasures of Two Capitals" being the most popular tours. However, this time, Italy has been pushed out of the top 3 since Spain has been getting more and more popular.

  • Finland Northern Lights Adventure - The perfect getaway ensuring one-of-a-kind sights and unforgettable experiences. Embark on a beautiful adventure in Finland to witness it all firsthand!
  • Treasures of Two Capitals - Boasting an abundance of breathtaking sightseeing opportunities and an eventful history to discover, Russia should appear on the bucket list of every traveler. Start exploring Russia by visiting two of its main cities!
  • Best of Spain - Marvel at the authentic cities in Spain and enjoy private transfers, stays at centrally-located hotels and guided tours with professional English-speaking guides.

Itineraries created: 3.930

Whether you're a traveler constantly on the go, a dedicated backpacker, a family member trying to create unforgettable memories for your loved ones or a fellow travel agent, you must know that creating the perfect itinerary takes patience and time. Choosing the right accommodation, cherry-picking the best sightseeing opportunities, thinking of the most efficient routes - is a lot of work before you can enjoy the journey of your lifetime!

Therefore, it's always good to know that you can rely on our professional team to help you come up with the best itinerary altered to your personal needs. As a matter of fact, during the last few months, the beloved Firebird team has actually created 3.930 itineraries!

What's new in our tours

Have you seen the newest additions to the Firebird assortment? This past quarter our Product Development team continued to strive for the best and came up with numerous great ideas that are now ready for you to enjoy. Take a peek at some of our new features and make sure to follow us on social media for updates of what's yet to come! Look for the links in the footer of the page.

  • We have created a new Ireland tour and added even more cities to our Ireland itineraries for you to explore! From now on, in addition to the ones already on our tours, you will also have the possibility to discover Westport, Sligo, Roscommon, Kilkenny, Kinsale, and Derry (Northern Ireland).
  • Furthermore, an extensive Outlander Tour in Scotland has also appeared on our sites providing the opportunity to visit the most scenic filming locations of the renowned "Outlander" series.
  • In addition to that, those in love with the beauty of nature and spectacular landscapes will definitely enjoy the new hiking tours in Scotland and Ireland. Get your hiking shoes ready and choose between the Trails of Ireland, the Orkney Islands Hike Tour or the scenic Wicklow Way Hike.
  • There is also a brand new tour to the Caucasus Region for those seeking a truly unique traveling experience. Embark on an unforgettable Highlights of Azerbaijan and Georgia adventure and discover the best of these two countries!
  • We haven't forgotten about one of the most popular destinations in Europe, Italy, as well! Brimming with monuments of cultural and architectural heritage, as well as plenty of landmarks to marvel at, the Heart of Italy can now be explored while on a 5-star small group tour.
  • If combining travel with interests is something you seek and modern architecture is something you find fascinating, you will surely be happy to hear about our new Modernist Architecture Tours. Exploring different regions, such as Germany/Switzerland, England/Benelux, and Scandinavia, the tours show off some of the best examples of modern architecture in Europe.
  • And now, the cherry on top - we have expanded our horizons and added even more breathtaking countries to the collection of our tours! Bringing the destinations closer to you, we would like to introduce Albania, Greece, and Turkey which you can now explore with the help of our professional team!

Travel advice shared over the past few months

If you have had a chance to catch a glimpse of our blog posts lately, you might have noticed quite a few of them added throughout the last few months. Covering everything from the most sought-after destinations (you can browse them on our virtual tours!) to excellent travel tips, our blog has been regularly updated with things we thought you might find useful. And we hope you did!

The beautiful colorful months have inspired us to cover such picture-perfect destinations as Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Israel, Scotland, Turkey, and more. Thus don't miss the chance to get acquainted with the unique countries and awaken the wanderlust in you right on time to start planning a magical vacation! Also, there is some great advice if you already have your journey planned to, let's say, Ireland or even the UAE.

Review of the quarter

It's always a pleasure to hear back from our travelers and this time we would like to share Jim's thoughts on his journey to Russia:

"Let me be honest. When we first started to deal with Firebird Tours we were a little nervous. We hadn’t heard of the company before and because of your Russian connections, we were also nervous because of the dubious reputation Russia has in the UK. How mistaken we were!

Firstly, the Russian people have been absolutely amazing. So friendly everywhere. On one occasion we got lost around 10:00 at night. We asked for directions and a young girl walked with us for 15 minutes to ensure we found our way home. Secondly, the organization from Firebird whilst in Russia has been exemplary. From the moment we arrived at St Petersburg where we were met right outside the arrival gate, things have been superbly organized. Our private guides have always been exactly on time. They have been immensely knowledgeable, easy to understand, flexible in their schedule to meet our needs. They couldn’t have done more. Our transfers have been in comfortable and clean motor cars and the drivers have been well presented and safe drivers. And both our hotels have been fantastic. In Moscow, we were upgraded to a suite and had a cake and champagne to help us celebrate our anniversary.

Thank you so much for arranging that. And I must also mention the river cruise. The accommodation, the food, the ports of call, and the guides were fantastic. We will highly recommend Firebird Tours to anyone who is considering a tour of Russia, and we will definitely consider using you again for trips if we travel to where you offer tours. Thank you for giving us an unforgettable holiday." - review on Trustpilot.

In conclusion, even though the most popular destinations remain the same, it's nice to be able to present you with new itineraries, tours, and destinations each month. We are happy to have spent another quarter taking care of your travel plans and ensuring the best experience we can provide for an unforgettable vacation abroad, whether it's Russia, Italy or yet less-explored Albania.