Ring in the Holidays Scandinavia Style

Ring in the Holidays Scandinavia Style

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If you want to bring some novelty to your holiday cooking - try Lutefisk, a traditional Scandinavian dish! However, don't forget that there are only two things people say about it: they either love it or hate it.

Scandinavian Lutefisk Dish

The Secret

Lutefisk is truly unique yet rather simple to cook (though not fast). All you'll need is a piece of cod and 2 tablespoons of lye. Soak the fish in clear water for 3 days. Next add 2 table spoons of lye into a gallon of water. Soak for 3 days more in this solution. Then soak for 4 days in clear water, changing the water every day. Voila! The fish is ready for cooking.

(Okay, there's a shortcut here... You can go and buy Lutefisk ready for cooking in a local fish store. That's way faster but way less fun!)

Lutefisk Ingredients:

  • A piece of cod
  • 2 tablespoons of lye


Stovetop Cooking: Lutefisk does not need any additional water for the cooking. Place the well-rinsed cod in a frying pan over low heat, (do not use an aluminum pan as the lye in the fish will discolor the pan). Add salt, cover with a lid, and steam cook for approximately 20 to 25 minutes.


Oven Baking: Place the well rinsed cod in an ovenproof dish, cover with aluminum foil. Put in a preheated oven at 375 degrees F. for 25 to 30 minutes. The fish is done when it flakes easily with a fork.

Do not overcook the Lutefisk! Otherwise the fish will look like jello!


  • Stovetop Cooking: Fry for approximately 20 - 25 min.
  • Oven Baking: Bake in an oven at 375 degrees F. for 25 - 30 min.


Lutefisk must be served hot! You can accompany the dish with bacon or pork drippings, white sauce or mustard sauce, potatoes, or dry green peas.


In Norway, lutefisk is served with melted goat cheese.

If cooked properly, Lutefisk can be a great treat! In Scandinvia it is considered to be a traditional Christmas dish and we hope you enjoy it too!

Serve with bacon, potatoes, green peas, or goat cheese.