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Traditional Russian Drinks

Are you still convinced that Russian vodka is the only drink that is worth your attention? Believe us, it's not! The Russian beverage selection has much more to offer than you think. Add trying different kinds of local drinks to your "must-dos" list to enjoy your trip to the biggest country in the world to the fullest!


If you've never heard of soda made from bread, you should definitely try Russian kvas. Since ancient times this sparkling drink plays a significant role in the daily life of the Russians. We especially recommend treating yourself with kvas during the summer, as it's the top choice among all refreshing traditional Russian drinks.


Kompot is a drink made of slow-boiled fruits and berries that is really typical for this region. This sweet beverage can be served cold and hot and perfectly accompanies any meal.


A real must for hot summers is mors, the refreshing beverage is usually made from sour and slightly tart berries. Comparing to kompot, it's a bit thicker because all ingredients are mashed together.



We continue our berry-based drinks journey with kissel. At first, you may be confused about whether you should eat or drink eat it because of its thick structure. Don't hesitate, just try it! During Soviet times, it was an absolute fave among local kids!



Russia is especially famous for its dairy beverages. Upon your arrival you should definitely try kefir, this sour beverage has all chances to become your favorite! In Russia, this drink is often the main ingredient of different dishes such as various types of pies, cakes, and even soups.


Another honey drink worth trying is Medovukha. The story of this alcoholic beverage served in shots is one of the longest ones and now it is usually associated with Russian traditional celebration of "Medoviy Spas" (Savior of Honey). This perfect mix of sweetness and bitterness for sure gives you a chance to feel the atmosphere of this great festival!



Ryazhenka is another type of Russian dairy drink with a very unique caramel taste. The name of this traditional beverage may seem very complicated, but don't be afraid, just give this creamy and slightly sweet drink a try!


While in Russia, you should treat yourself with sbiten, the so-called Russian mulled wine. It's is a honey-based hot drink with spices like cinnamon, mint, ginger, and daisy. Certainly, sbiten is one of the best options to keep yourself warm in the wintertime!


And last but not the least, the drink that is impossible not to mention while talking about Russia. Vodka is an integral part of Russian culture and a lot of local traditions are connected with this 40 percent proof beverage. The perfect opportunity for an unforgettable Russian experience is visiting traditional ryumochnaya (a type of bar) or the Russian Vodka Museum in Saint Petersburg. In this unusual museum after the tour, you get to taste three different shots and perfectly paired snacks.



As you can see, Russia boasts numerous kinds of traditional beverages, though we mentioned only a few above. Don’t miss the chance to treat yourself with these unique local drinks while traveling in Russia!


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